Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Lance Coury

A couple weeks ago, I posted up a video of young Orange County ripper, Destin Cantrell. Destin is an 18 year-old shredder who has yet to dial the flip, but will no doubt be a major player in freestyle motocross in the future as the older riders start to fade out. So, to continue in the same spirit of introducing new and "undiscovered" talent, I would like to present Lance Coury. Lance has followed the same typical route as most—switching to freestyle motocross after realizing that racing is a dead end unless you're some type of absurd alien that has supernatural powers on a moto track i.e. James Stewart.

Lance has been putting in time on the bike for the past couple years, trying to etch out a name for him self in this competitive sport. But Lance has been fortunate enough to have more tools at his disposal than most. Kind of like Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Lance mostly became known more for his amazing riding compound rather than his riding itself. Nestled in the mountains between Ventura and Valencia, California, Wyvern Ranch is a FMX utopia that has been featured in films, magazines and on television, most notably Camp Crusty reality show which aired on music network giant Fuse. Though being associated with Wyvern Ranch has initially helped Lance get a much needed boost, he has followed it up by stepping up his ramp skills as well as his natural terrain skills. Recently, Lance was selected by his sponsor Red Bull, to take part in the second annual The Great Ride Open. Once thought of as just another ramp kid, Red Bull gave Lance the chance to break free of any labels that may be associated with him as well as give him the opportunity to present himself to a greater audience via Fuel TV, who will air The Great Ride Open mini series in the near future (dates TBA.)

To put the icing on the cake and make his presence official, Lance has recently conquered the almighty backflip. Sure, Destin Cantrell and Lance Coury have a long way to go if they look to be competitive with the big dogs like Nate Adams. But, guess what? They have something on their side that most top riders don't—time.