The Chrome Ball Incident

Courtesy The Chrome Ball Incident

This Is One Of The Many Ad and Editorial Scans At The Chrome Ball Incident. Sean Sheffey, Late Shove-It Floater In What May Be His First Plan B Ad.

Not long ago I stopped in to visit my parents. While there, I decided to make a move to their basement to flip through some of my multiple crates of Thrasher's, Transworld's, Slap's and Big Brother's. This blatantly nostalgic act was something I did from time to time, when the excitement of a Mom and Pops visit was wearing thin. When I arrived to the stationed floor spots where the overflowing crates had once been, I was shocked to find that they were gone. Frantic, I searched further, throwing around and kicking out of the way layers of dust covered clothes, books, janky furniture and 8-bit Nintendo cartridges. The skate mags were gone.

I soon learned that they had been thrown out. My father, in an attempt to expose a small portion of groundfloor storage space dumped every last one of my skateboard magazines in a garbage can and carried them out to the curb. In one simple instant, a large portion of my documented youth was forever gone. Though I've tried my hardest to move on from this incident, there probably isn't a single day that I don't think about those g'damned classic issues that were once mine.

It still hurts like hell to recall, but these days it helps to visit this amazing site I found called The Chrome Ball Incident. The site is essentially a blog which features classic high res scans of ads and editorial content from 80's and 90's magazines. Aside from a bunch of timeless World Industries and Stereo ads, they've got a sick Ethan Fowler Big Brother interview from his days of wearing all black, some long lost Steven Cales stuff, as well as classic clippings of Ray Barbee, Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, Matt Hensley, Julian Stranger, Neil Blender, Quim Cardona, Chris Hall, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Keanan Milton and tons more. Swing by TCBI now and get your fill of the good ol' days before someone's Dad does something stupid, like throw away the internet.
—Jay Riggio