Sean Pettit debuts new production company

Catching up with Sean Pettit as the seasons change in Whistler, BC.

Recently, a new website launched called Super Proof Inc. On the minimalist home page, you'll find a rather mysterious video of freeskier Sean Pettit riding his bike in a hurry, like an undercover spy on his way to a clandestine meeting. At one point, he pulls a black ski mask over his face as the dramatic music reaches its crescendo. At the end, the words simply state: Winter is coming. Then it fades to black. We spoke to Pettit, who also just dropped a new X Games Pro Series edit from his summer in Whistler, about his new top-secret endeavor. Winter is indeed coming. What's on your mind this time of year?
Sean Pettit:
Well, I'm pretty much thinking about winter, I guess, and the fact that it's coming. Soon. And that it's going be super sweet with a new project in the works.

So what is this new project exactly?
Super Proof is an idea that's been in my head for way too long. It was time to make it happen. Super Proof will be the production label that will capture, edit and release some quality videos that will be made throughout the year. The idea is to release your everyday entertaining videos, both of skiing and of what goes on around our ridiculous lives. We'll also be releasing up-to-date conceptual content, which will be short films featuring myself along with a few other select "super" talents that I have sourced out.

What's with the cloak and dagger approach?
Why not be creative when making films? Isn't that the idea? Whether it's a ski film or a Hollywood film, it's still entertainment and it should be entertaining. So that's Super Proof's main goal: To make videos that not only skiers will watch, but that cousins, ex-roommates and people who know nothing about skiing will like to watch purely because it's entertaining. So stay tuned to this year for some quality entertainment and some solid ski action.

What do you have in the works for this winter?
I'll be filming with the Super Proof crew, and there will be a TV crew following me and the boys [as we film with] the Super Proof crew. Kind of like a heli filming a heli, filming a heli, but with a TV crew filming another film crew, filming me. The TV show will be a Red Bull TV production that will be a full reality series based around the crazy stuff that I get up to in my life.

You podiumed in X Games Real Ski Backcountry in Tignes last winter. Would you like to see that event return?
Even with no European X Games, I'd like to see that contest come back. It's a video contest that's released online, so you shouldn't need an X Games contest to have it, right?

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