Traveling Circus goes UFO hunting

Every episode of Line Traveling Circus is kind of weird in some way. The skiing tricks, the locations and the people are always odd, but this episode takes the cake. For this episode, we really dug deep into the bag of strange and pulled out some unforgettable experiences.

This episode started with picking up Canadian Max Hill from the airport and packing up the Traveling Circus van. Our first destination was Brian Head Resort in southern Utah, four hours south of Salt Lake City. The first day the weather was less than ideal but a fun park more than made up for it. By the second day, the conditions had gone from bad to worse and we made the decision to head to Mammoth Mountain, Calif. Unfortunately, the storm that was hitting southern Utah was moving west with us. After nine hours of driving, we called it quits and ended up in Tonopah, Nev.

Tonopah is in the middle of nowhere Nevada and known for gold and silver mining, a plague in 1902 and of course the Clown Motel. The Clown Motel has amenities such as wifi, more than 500 clowns, free coffee and a graveyard located less than 30 feet way. We got a decent night's sleep, finished the drive to Mammoth and went skiing. After spending a few days in Mammoth, we decided things weren't weird enough and packed up the van to head back to Utah.

On the way back to Utah we thought it might be a good idea to take a ride on the Extraterrestrial Highway. This has been something we wanted to do for the last few years and now we finally had the chance. We had high hopes that maybe we'd even see a UFO.

Our first stop was in Rachel, Nev., at a place called the Little A'Le'Inn, where the staff gave us directions to the legendary Area 51 back gate and after 30 minutes of driving on a dirt road, we pulled up to a guard station. It was somewhat anticlimactic but freaky at the same time and as soon as a masked man came out of the guard station, we decided it was time to leave. We finished out the drive on the Extraterrestrial highway with no signs of E.T., but there's no telling what we'll see the next time.

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