Thrasher celebrates Ishod Wair

Brian Shamanski

Ishod Wair is awarded the 2013 Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year title by Thrasher editor Jake Phelps.

Each year, Thrasher Magazine awards one skateboarder that has proven themselves consistently throughout the year with the coveted Skater of the Year title. Winning SOTY isn't easy -- it involves putting out groundbreaking video parts, being involved with multiple events and simply putting everything they've got into skateboarding.

This year, Real Skateboard's pro Ishod Wair took the title. 

Ishod Wair is Skater of the Year

Wair is the 24th winner of this prestigious award, and without a doubt, he must be proud to be among the elite that have been honored over the years -- Geoff Rowley, John Cardiel, Chris Senn, Eric Koston and Danny Way to name a few.

This past weekend, just before the holidays took focus, Thrasher celebrated Wair's accomplishment. And the party was a great success. The people were in good spirits and the bands were amazing. Thank you to all the Vitello's for throwing this amazing event every year that brings together skaters from all over -- we can't wait for 2014. Let the race begin!

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