Bruce Cook to attempt double front flip

Nitro Circus Live

Bruce Cook's rock solid is, well, solid. On Friday, he'll make motorcycle history with a double front flip at the Nitro Circus Live opener in Canada.

On Friday, the North American leg of the Nitro Circus Live Tour kicks off in Hamilton, Ontario, the first-ever Canadian stop for the tour.

While the return of Travis Pastrana as a performer in the show might command most of the attention, Bruce Cook will certainly turn heads when he attempts to land the world's first double front flip on motocross bike.

You may remember Bruce Cook from his double grab backflip attempt at X Games Los Angeles 2012, and the Canadian rider has been honing his skills doing demos and training at Pastrana's compound.

We caught up with Canadian who doesn't even like front flipping on a trampoline after some of the holiday festivities to pick his brain about this double front flip. How was the holidays, probably pretty hard to think of anything but the double front flip?

Cook: My few days home for Christmas have been awesome. Haven't slowed down much or been home in the last two months so it has been great to see family and friends and kick the feet up a little bit. But yes, the "dub" has kept its place in my mind while doing so.

You've been riding some X Pilots events, how has it been riding with riders of that level?

The X Pilots have been a lot of fun! It's an amazingly talented group of riders that all get along really well. It definitely keeps me on my toes and motivates me to progress. Couldn't ask for much more!

I don't even like doing front flips on trampolines. A month ago was my first time front flipping anything with wheels.
Bruce Cook

What made you want to try a double front flip?

Good question ... I guess I don't know.

When was your first attempt with this trick into the foam pit?

I would say just over a month ago was my first shot, with a couple weeks off in that time due to ramp building and other minor setbacks. I am going to say probably around 25-30 attempts into the foam pit.

Did front flips even cross your mind before you seen this ramp?

Nope. I'd never thought about single fronts, never mind doubles. The ramp they came up with definitely took some thought and I'm sure a fair bit of trial and error.

So you have never even attempted a single front flip?

Nope! I don't even like doing front flips on trampolines. A month ago was my first time front flipping anything with wheels. I did a few fronts on a mountain bike, then put on my big boy pants ... and a diaper.

Without giving and secrets away, can you briefly describe the ramp?

It appears to stand approximately 1000 feet tall on approach and offers a certain motivation at the top to rotate forward. There you go, clear as mud.

[Laughs] Thanks Bruce, good luck on Friday.

Thanks, I got to give a special thanks to Billy Van Vugt for devoting a month of his time and effort into helping make this happen. Couldn't have done all the training without him.

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