Robbie Brockel releases full video part

Real's Robbie Brockel teams with Josh Metzger for Arizona's "Sloppy Seconds" video

Robbie Brockel is the epitome of the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words." Never a man for self-hype or over-saturation of mediocre footage, Brockel has been slowly but steadily climbing the skateboarding ranks over the last five years. With his first official video offering being a shared part in Real Skateboard’s 2011 video "Since Day One," it is high time for this desert dweller to treat us to more of his straight forward ripping. With a new part out in the Arizona video "Sloppy Seconds" by Josh Metzger, Brockel starts the year off with a bang. We had the opportunity to talk with him about this newest part, his professional bloodline and how his name ended up on someone else’s body thanks to a Geoff Rowley photo. You just finished a part for a new Arizona video called "Sloppy Seconds." How long did you work on the part for?
Brockel: That part has been the last eight months or so.

Was the majority filmed in Arizona?
Yeah, pretty much when I wasn’t on trips I would just film in Arizona with my friend Josh [Metzger].

Was it only footage that you filmed with him?
There were some other random clips that were more throw away that Deluxe Distribution gave to him that I didn’t need for the Real part that I’m working on.

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Robbie Brockel

How did this project for Real come about and is it a solo thing or with the whole team?
We’re hoping to do something with clips from each guy but focusing on just a few of the guys on the team. And it came about because we realized there were a few guys on the team with a whole bunch of footage and figured we should probably get a video going.

There are so many of you guys, how does that even work?
It works because you look at guys like Kyle Walker and Chima [Ferguson] who are working on the Vans video right now and then Ishod [Wair] and Justin [Brock] just finished up the Nike video, so they were not going on Real trips. So it kind of boils down to there always being a handful of guys who are always going on Real trips.

So everyone on Real is always filming?
Everyone is always filming and always staying busy.

Back to filming for this last part: how did you go about filming during the summer months when it was 100 plus degrees outside in Arizona?
It’s always rough, but whenever you have a spot or a certain trick that you want to get you’re pretty motivated. It’s pretty much like, "Man, it’s 100 degrees out, I’d better get this quick and call it a day."

You’re not the only star athlete in the Brockel family though right?
No, not at all.

Tell me about your brother.
My brother plays for the Carolina Panthers, in the NFL. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Did you have tough parents that pushed you into sports or were they just supportive parents?
I definitely come from an athletic family but I think my parents just wanted us out playing sports and being active. But when I decided to stop playing sports and skate all the time it’s not like they were bummed on that decision. I was still out doing things all the time.

Have you gotten to hang with the team?
I’ve been to a handful of his games and after it’s over you can go down on the field and meet the players and everything for a bit before they fly out.

Tell me the Geoff Rowley bet you had with your friend.
Me and my friend had this bet going for a while. Geoff Rowley had a Vans ad a long time ago going from this gnarly dumpster to dumpster. I said he was doing a 180 and he was like, "No, it’s Geoff Rowley, he’s obviously frontside flipping it." I wasn’t putting it past him, but it ended up causing a debate and we made a ridiculous bet so now he has my name tattooed on him.

What were the terms for the bet?
He got my name tattooed on his butt. We figured out it was a 180 when the last Flip video came out.

Is it your full name?
It says Robbie Brockel, I don’t think his girlfriend is too hyped on it.

Have you made any good skate bets lately?
Not lately. I think everyone was so devastated after that one.

Robbie Brockel's section from "Sloppy Seconds" appears courtesy of Cowtown Skateboards.

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