Kris Foster hopes for a breakthrough year

Kris Foster, a 25-year-old small town motorcycle rider from Kamloops, B.C., Canada, has his sights set on X Games and freeriding this year, and a popular video edit called "Limelight" could help raise his profile.

Foster began focusing on riding FMX shows where his impressive riding caught the eye of Monster Energy in 2012, and he was given a contract to support his efforts. In conjunction with his signing, Foster and his new sponsor came together to create "Limelight," a freeride-influenced video that would not only grab attention but also show that his skills in the hills are for real. So far, it's attracted almost 300,000 views.

From rock boulder flips and logged takeoff lips to wheel-tapping tree branches through a hip gap and a giant step down that would raise Evel Knievel's resting heart rate, this video is worth every bit of time.

"It was the biggest jump I've ever done." Foster said about the heart-pumping step down.

Heading down to sunny southern California to warmer weather, caught up with Foster to find out how he filmed his edit and talk about his hopes for X Games: Nice to meet you Kris. Tell me about scouting in an airplane, was it necessary to do that or was it a new technique to gain an advantage scouting?

Foster: To get to that area where we filmed was across the lake, so to get in is like a 30-45 minute drive on rough roads and stuff and to get off that road you have to hike in to get to all those other zones. We could've just ridden in and checked it all out but it was easier to do it that way up in a plane.

Do you think the plain was an advantage to spotting those new lines?

I don't think it was a massive help but it definitely helped a little bit. Mitch Cheek really knew the area and he had some insight on where to go, so scoping out those areas from the plane gave us a better idea on what we were working with.

Courtesy of Monster Energy

Monster Energy signed Kris Foster in 2012 and spent the next several months working on his first edit called "Limelight". The YouTube video has nearly 300,000 views, and Foster hopes it will raise his profile in 2014.

How long have you been riding MX/FMX?

I hopped on bikes when I was three years old, started racing when I was 12, my last full season racing when I was 18 and I did a few races after that. I started riding ramps and freeriding more as I met more guys in the industry. Started doing shows, made some money doing that and now I fully got supported by Monster Energy so I can do my thing now.

When did the deal with Monster Energy come about?

Once I started doing shows and they seen the potential for me to do some freeride stuff, Blair Harper came to me with a contract. After that is when we started cruising around Kamloops looking and then building some stuff.

Let's talk about "Limelight," what was the purpose of the video?

To show the kind of terrain I have up here we're working with and the stuff around B.C., so basically, just showing people what I'm doing up here.

Speaking about the terrain in Canada you were on, it's not typically associated with freeriding seeing how the green rolling hills and chocolate cake dirt of southern California dominates a lot of the freeride exposure. What were some of your challenges making the terrain work to your advantage?

Mostly it was just rocks being in the way, some stumps and stuff like that. We pulled everything off and built up some lips and were pretty much good to go.

How long did it take you to build the jumps and film the video?

My buddy Mitch Cheek who knows the terrain around Kamloops pretty good, took me to a few spots and we ended up building a few lines -- he helped me out with that and Blair Harper helped with the whole idea of the thing and we had Clayton Larsen who was doing all the editing.

So it was about a solid week of filming and a good month of prep before that.

I have to ask you about that step down, how many feet was it?

165 feet.

What gear did you hit it in?

(I hit it in) third gear wide, pretty on it. There wasn't a whole bunch of run in, I had that little drop right before the run in and as soon as I landed I was on it.

Yeah, it was the biggest jump I've ever done (laughs). I was stretching myself out for sure.

Do you watch videos in any other sports to pull inspiration to be creative?

Not so much, I used to watch a lot of Crusty videos but mainly now I just try to go out there and figuring out my own thing.

Have you noticed any major changes in freeriding over the years to now?

No, not really, I don't think it's changed a ton, people just build big booters and send it (laughs). But I do think freeriding is bigger than ever and taken more serious.

Will there be a follow up video?

Yeah, we'll definitely be making another video with Monster for next year but I really want to get into X Games.

What events do you want to ride?

Speed&Style and possibly Step Up.

Anyone you'd like to thank?

Monster, Fox, Shift, Spy, Etnies, Dissent Labs, Leading Edge Motorsport, Dubya, Excel, Limenine, And everyone that is supporting me right now.

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