Kenworthy wins Dumont Cup

Dana Allen

Dumont cup winner Gus Kenworthy throws one of his winning tricks, a switch right dub 1080 Japan.

In what has become something of a friendly rivalry, Gus Kenworthy edged out 2013 victor Nick Goepper in the 6th annual Dumont Cup slopestyle event held at Maine's Sunday River resort. Goepper narrowly trailed Kenworthy to take second. Dumont Cup first-timer Bobby Brown snagged the third spot.

The AFP platinum-level event was held on Sunday River's brand new T72 trail and featured a very different course than seen in previous contests. This year skiers were treated to three completely different technical lines of rails, boxes, and walls, including back-to-back transfer rail sections. Co-designed by Simon Dumont and Craig Coker, the section allowed skiers to get more creative.

"Everyone's getting a lot closer on the jumps so we wanted to create a rail section where people could really separate themselves. I don't see as many athletes hitting features like this all the time," Dumont said.

Dana Allen

Kenworthy takes a moment out to pose with a fan.

For Kenworthy, the rail section paid off. He tore up his second run, hitting both transfer rail sections with a front swap continuing 270 transfer on the first rail, followed by a tails over to back 270 transfer on the second. He kept his speed and threw a stylish misty 450 Japan off the up-rail and stomped all three jumps with a switch right dub 1080 Japan, a switch left dub 900 Japan, and finished with a left dub 1260 tail grab.

"Early on I noticed that there weren't very many people hitting the transfer options, especially hitting both of them," said Kenworthy. "So I kind of made that my goal, to set myself apart on the rails because it's pretty hard to set yourself apart on the jumps without doing a triple or really going crazy."

Goepper snagged second with a frontside switch-up on the drop rail, then blasted off the wall ride with switch left 270 on, to pretzel 450 off. He hit the butter-box feature, throwing a right cork 900 safety, and then styled over the three bottom jumps, throwing a switch left dub 1080 Japan, a switch right dub 900 genie, and finished up with a huge right dub 1080 mute to Japan.


  • 1. Gus Kenworthy ~ 94.7
  • 2. Nick Goepper ~ 93.0
  • 3. Bobby Brown ~ 92.0
  • 4. Evan McEachran ~ 89.0
  • 5. Alex Bellemare ~ 88.0
  • 6. Torin Yater Wallace ~ 87.0
  • 7. Robby Franco ~ 82.3
  • 8. Oscar Wester ~ 77.7
  • 9. Alex Hackel ~ 75.7
  • 10. Cody Cirillo ~ 75.0

Bobby Brown, in his first Dumont Cup, finished third with a switch 270 in to the drop rail followed by a switch front 450 out on the wall ride. Brown threw a smooth cork 720 off the butter box and finished up his run with a solid right dub 1080 mute, a left dub 900 Japan, and a switch left dub 1260 misty.

One notable performance was by 16 year old Canadian Evan McEachran, who battled his way through qualifiers to finish fourth overall.

For Kenworthy, performances like McEachran's are part of what makes the Dumont Cup different.

"It's awesome that this is an open event," Kenworthy said. "You have a lot of unknown kids and an up-and-comers that are here and competing with all the big names. It's a sweet way to integrate everybody into one event."

For Brown, it's also all about the atmosphere. "It's way more laid back but it's sick that it's worth so much," he said. "It's all about the skiing. Simon did a good job of making it low-key and letting us have a good time and just ride."

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