Catching up with Zoo York's Travis Glover

Sean Cronan

5-0 to fakie from Travis Glover.

The world's first big scale exposure to Zoo York am, Travis Glover, came in December of 2012 when RB Umali dropped Zoo's 9-minute "True East" promo. Sandwiched in between big name pros like Ron Deily, Chaz Ortiz and Brandon Westgate were 18 shocking tricks from the then unknown Glover that made you ask, "Who the hell was that?" And instantly hit rewind. Little did we know that he was Zoo's best kept secret, on their flow program for nearly eight years up to that point. Since then, the Georgia native got the bump up from flow to Zoo York official am status and just last week dropped over three minutes of new footage in an exclusive part for his hometown skateshop, Ambush. We caught up with Travis in Long Beach where he's posted for the winter to discuss the part. You've been around for some time now but you're starting to get noticed in recent years. Let's start with how you get on Zoo York.
Glover: That was way back. I used to skate this Woodward Park in Lawrenceville, Ga. and the manager up there took me under his wing. He got a tape of me skating together and sent it out to a couple people and Zoo was the only company to respond and it went from there. I was like 15 or 16 then, so that's almost ten years ago. So I've been getting Zoo boards for a minute.

Are they starting to do more with you now? Are you starting to go on trips and whatnot?
Yeah, last year I officially got on the team as an am and from there on I've been traveling non-stop with those dudes. I got to go overseas for the first time to Argentina and Chile, so things definitely took off.

Is Chile where you were over waiting for your luggage and just left it at baggage claim?
Oh, man. Yeah, dude. I don't even know what happened with that. It just took forever for my bags to come out, like 40 minutes, but I eventually got it. I didn't leave it there. And then on the way back mine and Brandon Westgate's boards didn't even show up. Me and Westgate were thinking they jacked our boards at the security desk and kept it for their kids back there.

You mentioned Westgate, how did you feel about him almost getting Thrasher's Skater of the Year?
He definitely could have gotten it. I've seen that dude do so much crazy stuff in person. He's definitely up there and could have won. Westgate is super chill, laid back and pretty low key but when he wants to he just goes beast mode. I like skating with him because he doesn't really care -- he just goes for it and that'll get you hyped. But I think Ishod [Wair] deserves it for sure. That kid don't stop.

Sean Cronan

F/S feeble from Travis Glover.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in the Dekalb, Georgia area, then I moved out to the suburbs to Gwinnett and Lawrenceville for a little bit. But for the most part I claim Atlanta because that's where I'm at. I stay in that city always. I'm probably there more than anywhere. There's definitely spots out in the suburbs but they're real spread out. There's just way more stuff to hit in the city.

How's the acceptance to skateboarders in the suburbs there?
Barely. We got a good group, my squad is kind of deep. But for the most part in the suburbs, you don't catch that many kids skating. By the time they get to high school, they're all jocked out. Nowadays skating in generally is just more accepted than when I was in high school. People have come around but back then I got a little bit of grief from people over it. But it's all good now because skating has taken me this far and those people probably aren't doing anything with their lives anymore.

A lot of good guys have come out of Atlanta over the years. Who are your top three favorites?
I have to rep the homies on this one. This kid Josh Butler got shot and came back even more beast than before. Nothing scares this kid, he just goes for it. I guess him and a few other homies were just chilling at this apartment in Atlanta, out on the patio, and three guys walked up on them and were like, "Give us your money, phones, wallets!" My homies weren't having it even though they the had guns pointed at them. Josh swatted the gun away when it was pointed at him and the dude pulled the trigger and shot him in the lower stomach. It was bad. But he survived, which is a blessing. Now he's insane on a skateboard. The other two I'd say are my homies Jordan Lucas and Fletcher Renegar.

How did this part for Ambush come together?
I really didn't even plan it. It was just from traveling with homies here and there and then skating back home. I was sitting on all the footage and decided to put out the part so it didn't get old. I figured it would be cool to give back to home and the skateshop I ride for, Ambush, who have put me on with everybody else.

When and why the move out to Long Bach, Calif.?
I wouldn't even really call it a move right now. I just came out here on vacation to avoid all the bad weather back home. I wanted to handle some business out here -- the opportunity doesn't come every day so I just rolled with it. I'm way more productive out here. Just being able to skate more is one thing and then with the industry being out here it's a good thing to be able to meet people and see people firsthand.

Do you think you could live out there full-time?
We were kind of trying to but right now we're having a hard time finding an apartment because some guys are moving back home. I could probably stay out here for about a year, tops. But I have way more fun in Atlanta, just because I'm from there. You can't really leave home for too long.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?
Just keep skating really. I'm trying to finish up this Gold video. No one knows how it's going to be laid out since there's so many people but hopefully I have a decent amount of footage in there; I'll be happy with that. And then hopefully get something cracking for Zoo after that.

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