Moto X Freestyle canceled due to weather

Joshua Duplechian/ESPN

Despite some practice runs, wind and the threat of rain kept Moto X Freestyle grounded at X Games Austin.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Moto X Freestyle at X Games Austin was canceled on Sunday afternoon due to windy conditions and potential severe weather in the area, according to X Games organizers.

The contest was originally scheduled to take place on Saturday night, but windy weather led event organizers to postpone to Sunday, based on consensus from an athlete meeting.

This isn't the first time the Moto X Freestyle event at X Games has been canceled due to weather. Last year, it was also canceled at X Games Munich and X Games Barcelona due to rain and wind. High winds can be risky for freestyle motocross riders who perform backflip variations and other tricks.

Japan's Taka Higashino won the two X Games Moto X Freestyle events that did take place last year -- in Los Angeles and Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. Higashino was going for a three-peat in Austin, and he was working on a new Special flip bike flip combo that he first debuted at the Red Bull X Fighters event in Japan earlier this summer.

The Moto X Freestyle course in Austin was built to be one of the most expansive courses in X Games history.

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