TGR drops trailer for "Almost Ablaze"

Welcome to trailer season. With fall rapidly approaching, ski movies will be premiering before you know it. Teton Gravity Research released the trailer for their new film, "Almost Ablaze," on Wednesday. Blake Campbell, Teton Gravity Research's lead editor, is a man TGR co-founder Todd Jones calls "the eyes and ears" of this year's release. We reached Campbell at his edit bay inside the TGR headquarters in Wilson, Wyoming, to discuss the upcoming release and spending 60 hours editing a trailer.

I first interned with TGR in 2008 and was promoted to my current position in January of 2009. "Almost Ablaze" is the sixth film I've worked on.

I'm working on Premiere Pro for most of the editing and logging. The computer is a new Mac Pro that looks like a little trash can.

The title was a working title through the production process. We came up with the name in Italy with Colter Hinchliffe, Dash Longe and Dana Flahr. "Almost Ablaze" refers to the moment when one foot is in one space of reason and the other is in this other zone that's a little more uncertain. The title refers to the balance of those two.

This film focuses more on the athletes in the moment. That reflects the way we filmed the movie this year.

I started cutting this trailer a week ago. I probably put 60 hours into it.

We have a lot of heavy hitters coming back. The one new guy that really went above and beyond is Nick McNutt. He didn't win the Co-Lab last year, but his edit stuck out. He's interesting because he's not really sponsored. He's a blank slate and he crushed it this year.

Angel Collinson is back and she absolutely ripped Alaska this year.

We're cutting the Bosnia segment now. We brought the 4bi9 guys out there with Joss Christensen, Chris Laker and Karl Fostvedt. They're hitting the old Olympic venue. They ran into warm weather and that was a problem with production, but they moved snow, grabbed trucks and used the bare minimum of snow to make something aesthetically cool. It's interesting to see an Olympic venue 30 years later and play with the dynamic of Joss winning gold in Sochi then heading to an abandoned Olympic venue only a few months later.

I've been working for the Jones brothers for a long time. Those guys are passionate about what they do on a daily basis ... that rubs off too. Sometimes you're not sure where they're going, but they enjoy what they do, down to the small details, and it's all coming from a passionate place.

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