Hands of time


The watches designed by, from left, Anne-Flore Marxer, Kassia Meador, and Mat Rebeaud.

A surfer, a motorcross racer and a snowboarder walk into a room to design a watch. No, it's not the premise of a joke -- it's the latest venture from Swatch. The company asked six of its athletes to create timepieces, using their action sports for inspiration. Three of them shared their creation stories with us. [$70, available starting April 30, store.swatch.com]

Kassie Meador, Surfer

"My watch came from my love of surfing and photography. I wanted to blend them, and that feeling shows on the watch. The surfboards I ride are based off of classic dimensions and styles. That old-school vibe is what made me fall in love with surfing in the first place."

Mat Rebeaud, Motocross rider

"The color of the watch is the color of my dirt bike. The bike has zebra stripes too, and I rode it in a contest for the first time in April in Dubai. It's aggressive but also tasteful. It's a watch you can recognize quickly. My logo is MR, and so we put on the band loop as well. It stands out."

Anne-Flore Marxer, Snowboarder

"I used to take parts of different watches and put them together. Whenever I listen to music or when I'm on the phone, I draw. I remember having a pair of shoes and thinking they were boring, so I started drawing on them and made them special. So that's what I did with my watch."

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