Who's who in action sports

Sean Thomas

Santi White's sound has backed a bunch of action-sports flicks. She and pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew, himself a musician, married in 2009.

Yesterday morning, XGames.com released a photo gallery spotlighting the 50 most influential people in action sports as we know it today. The collection doesn't stop with pro riders, either; it encompasses a variety of individuals whose contributions to our world have made it a bigger, safer, more enjoyable or more exciting place.

50 Most Influential People in Action Sports

Part of what makes the culture of action sports unique is that the criteria for admittance extend beyond athletic prowess. Our scene is home to artists, musicians, filmmakers and designers -- the trendsetters and tastemakers whose impact on how we perceive ourselves, and how the larger world views us, is undeniable. To that end, you'll see such names as Santi White (pictured above), whose songs pepper shred-movie soundtracks; Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, whose visionary YouTube platform has rendered the traditional sponsor-me tape obsolete; and Werner Brell, whose guidance of Red Bull Media House has carried action-sports films over the mainstream threshold.

No list is all things to all people; opinions are like elbows, after all. But we like some healthy debate around here. Check out the gallery and comment below to share your perspective on who's in, who's out and why.

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