X Games Aspen 2013 guest services

Guest services information

The Guest Services tent is the designated area for all event information. Event schedule, venue activities, lost and found, wheelchair viewing maps and other event services are offered. Guest Services is located at the entrance of X Fest.

If you have any event-related questions or concerns while on-site, please locate a Guest Services Representative or ask where closest one can be found.


ADA drop-off is available at the base of Buttermilk Mountain. Take Highway 82, turn onto Owl Creek Rd. and take first left into Buttermilk Parking Lot. Follow signs toward the ADA/VIP Drop-off/Pick-Up location. A designated wheelchair viewing area has been established at the patio deck of Bumps Lodge. Staff in the Guest Services tent will be available to escort an individual to the wheelchair viewing area. Please locate a Guest Services representative at the venue entrance or go to the Guest Services tent located in X Fest for information and assistance.


ATM machines are located inside Bumps Lodge, lower level.


Food and drink concessions will be provided on-site near the Snowmobile competition course and the Inn at Aspen patio, which will offer an outdoor seating area. Bumps Lodge also provides outdoor patio concessions along with a full-service restaurant indoors. Please refer to the map for specific locations.

Lost children/lost and found items

The Guest Services tent is designated as the meeting point for lost or separated people. Lost and Found is also located at the Guest Services tent. Items that are found should be turned into staff at this location. Guests reporting any lost items should be directed there, as well.


On-site medical is available to guests. If you have or see a medical emergency, please contact an ESPN staff member or Security immediately and they will notify medical personnel. The Spectator Medical tent is located next to Bumps in the base area. Water and basic medical services are provided by trained staff.

Lodging and Local Information

Please visit the Aspen Chamber Resort Association website at www.aspenchamber.org for lodging, restaurants and other local information.


Official X Games Merchandise is available near the main entrance along with two locations in the X Fest area.

Public pay phones

Public pay phones are available inside of Bumps Lodge.


Public restrooms are located inside Bumps Lodge. Additional public restrooms are set up directly across from Bumps main entrance doors as well as to the south/hill side of Bumps below Big Air. Restrooms can also be found near the Inn at Aspen patio.


Security Check Points are located at the entrance and exit to the venue. Event Security personnel are also patrolling the venue and will assist with crowd and access control.


Competitions will be held at the Snowboard Street course Saturday and Sunday of the event. The Snowboard Street course will feature national and regional USASA competitions, along with a Shop vs. Shop contest. Check the park for a complete list of scheduled events.

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