Dunfee's collection

Derek Dunfee has been on a mission as of late. Traveling from Mexico to California and then back to Hawaii all in the course of two weeks, Dunfee has set his sights on achieving personal goals. Whether it be winning the XXL award or getting barreled at Jaws, he has continued to achieve success in some of the most challenging conditions the world has to offer. But along the journey Dunfee has realized that you need to train and stay focused to succeed in conquering these challenges. He also recognizes the importance of having a team of people in place to help. He's been lucky enough to work with three of the most talented shapers in the big-wave arena. Stu Kenson shaped Derek's first magic 10-foot gun and gave him the support he needed to take the next step in his big wave career. Dunfee's also been lucky enough to work with the legendary surfer/shaper Pat Curren, who shaped a 10-foot "elephant gun" that Derek cherishes as one of his most valuable possessions. More recently he's been working with renowned big-wave shaper Chris Christenson, who also shapes for Greg Long and Ian Walsh. This team has helped Dunfee realize his goals and become one of the most accomplished big-wave surfers of this generation. We'll see how it goes this weekend.

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