Brian Kachinsky joins Primo team

Toby Burkhart

Brian Kachinsky is riding Primo wheels for 2013.

Just days after parting ways with the Etnies Footwear team, Chicago's Brian Kachinsky managed to ink a deal with component brand Primo. Kachinsky joins Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Tony Neyer, Bobby Simmons, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, E-man Cantero, Anthony Flores, Lee Dennis, Craig Passero and Sam Lowe on a stacked team.

"I received a call late one night from Tony Neyer and a couple other Primo guys. Amid the chaotic phone call Tony said "you should ride Primo wheels!" I of course was flattered and honored. I few days later I spoke to Primo's Director of Operations, John Richard and we worked out a deal. I'm really stoked to be rolling into 2013 on a fresh set of Primo wheels," said Kachinsky.

The move marks a continued shift in the direction of DK Bicycles, Kachinsky's frame sponsor. In 2006, former DK team rider Chris Doyle's DK contract was terminated after nine years because he was involved with and riding for Duo, a new tire and grip company. Doyle eventually rebounded to ride for Kink, but DK team riders in the time since Doyle's departure did not typically go hand in hand with rider-specific component sponsors.

Things changed for the better when fellow DK team rider Drew Bezanson joined The Shadow Conspiracy team, and this momentum continues with Kachinsky's addition to the Primo team. For Kachinsky, joining the Primo team connects him back to a legacy that started over a decade ago.

"Primo was one of the first companies to ever give me parts back in 2001. I remember getting a box of stuff sent to Woodward camp back in 2001. The box was addressed to both me and Taj Mihelich. I never dreamed that my name would be next to a legend's name and immediately felt as if I was in the presence of greatness," said Kachinsky.

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