Mulcoy's World

Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., Josh Mulcoy is on a global hunt to find the best, most remote surf on the planet. From Iceland to the wilderness of Alaska, Canada and islands untold, the more off the beaten path the better. And 2013 promises to see more of t

When local cops would show up at his front door a young Josh Mulcoy intuitively knew, "Dad's been surfing the harbor again."

Such was growing up the son of Harbor Bill, famed outlaw surfer of Santa Cruz. 30 years ago the draining sand-sucker that is the Santa Cruz harbor was off limits to surfers, but Mulcoy senior couldn't help himself. And thus a legend -- and rap sheet -- was born.

Today Josh is all grown up, and while he still retains some of that rebellious spirit, he's found a way to beat the system. "I'm home during the winter months, no question, I'm not going anywhere," says Mulcoy. "But the rest of the year I'm on the road, the more remote, uncrowded and out there the better."

Mulcoy's World

Splitting time between a pro surfing career and running his own travel agency, over the last couple of decades Mulcoy has been instrumental in pioneering aquatic wilderness in Alaska, Canada, Iceland, far-flung Atlantic islands, dusty Saharan points, and beyond. His agency services surf resorts in Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia, which makes for a nice crossover.

"It's a big world out there, I couldn't imagine being confined to one place all year. I've got some good trips on the books for the next year," says Mulcoy. "The last month has been amazing in Santa Cruz, but as spring creeps up I start getting that itch to get on the road."

Mulcoy's outlined his calendar and has some adventures planned for 2013, adventures you will be seeing right here on this year. He's agreed to provide us with a few dispatches from the fringe. "You run into a lot of crazy stories when you're traveling, hopefully I can do them justice and tell them properly," says Mulcoy. Stay tuned to Mulcoy's World this year.

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