Shaun White throws triple cork

Word on the street is true, Ramona Bruland shows us Shaun White's triple cork attempts in Slopestyle practice for X Games Aspen.

The Jeep Slopestyle Men's Snowboard showdown at X Games Aspen 2013 between Shaun White and, well, everyone else on the invite list, has dominated conversations on the ground this week in Buttermilk, Colo. The interest only increased Wednesday when ESPN cameras captured White during practice, attempting a triple cork 1440 on the last jump of the slopestyle course. Despite his revert to switch on the landing, it's clear White has the trick dialed.

While triple corks have become the go-to trick for big-air contests this season -- new competitors are throwing and landing them in almost every event -- no one ever has thrown a triple cork in a slopestyle competition. The question on everyone's minds here in Aspen is not if we will see a triple in Snowboard Slopestyle this year, but who will throw one first.

According to White's coach, Bud Keene, White learned the triple cork on a 67-foot jump in Breckenridge, Colo., last week. "He landed his fourth try," Keene said. "The first three attempts he butt-checked on. Then he landed five in a row after." Keene would not comment on rumors that White has other triple-cork variations in his new bag of tricks.

Mark McMorris reportedly also landed a triple cork 1440 on the same jump in practice Wednesday while ESPN cameras were turned off.

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Elimination broadcast live Thursday, 3-5 p.m. ET. Slopestyle Finals take place Saturday, 2-4 ET.

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