McGrath, pals show team spirit in DC Moto video

An all-star cast of MX and FMX riders and some up-and-coming riders team up for the DC Moto team's new video.

Last week the DC Moto team dropped a new 10-minute short film [see above] from director Justin Smith featuring Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Trey Canard, Malcolm Stewart, Adam Cianciarulo, Tyler Bereman, Andy Bakken and Carson Mumford, as well as younger up-and-comers including Michael Sleeter, Axell Hodges, Mitch Alcorn, Conner Mullenix, Ciaran Naran and Dylan Schmoke.

Garth Milan/Courtesy DC Moto

Despite "retiring" in 2007, this is the only kind of riding off into the sunset Jeremy McGrath understands.

The team hit up classic spots such as Ocotillo Wells, Calif., during filming, but the highlight ended up being a trip to McGrath's 700-acre Thing Valley compound near San Diego. We caught up with the seven-time Supercross champion and five-time X Games medalist [and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and BMX Hall of Fame honoree] for more on the video, the DC team, and having everybody over to his house to play. "Retirement" is turning out to not be a word in your vocabulary.
I don't know much about retirement, it's true. Driving trucks in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series is where I get my racing fix these days, but I've also been riding a lot, doing fun ride trips and putting together fun videos like this one, and also getting out on the track and doing some riding … That's fun. The riding keeps my heart rate up.

Putting all the DC Moto team riders in one place makes for quite a lineup. What do you love most about getting the gang together for projects like this new team video?
Everyone gets caught up in their own lives sometimes and you miss out on all the camaraderie, but it's always such a great time getting together so we've been trying to remind ourselves to do it more often. All the riders are like family, and hitting your favorite riding spots with the crew is one of the things you dream about. The best part about filming this year's video was having everybody out to my property.

Obviously I'm the veteran rider in the group, but this group of riders keeps me young. And you're right that it's a great mixture, from guys like Travis Pastrana and Robbie Maddison and Nate Adams to youngsters like Adam Cianciarulo and Carson Mumford. We have the spectrum covered! It's fun because the young guns ask a ton of questions whenever we get together. I guess there are still a few things they can learn from an old guy like me.

Garth Milan/Courtesy DC Moto

Tyler Bereman is one of the rising young guns on the DC Moto team.

Your family has had a challenging couple of years, with your wife Kim battling breast cancer and then leukemia. The last I'd heard she'd found a bone marrow donor and you were getting involved with the Be the Match Foundation to help others in her situation. Can you update us on how she's doing?
Kim is doing really well. Her health is heading in the right direction and she's rebounding back. She had the bone marrow transplant July 27 last year, so it's coming right up on six months. She's reacting really well to it, the doctors are happy, she's happy, and we feel really blessed about that.

As for the Be the Match Foundation, I'm going to be involved with that as much as I can for the rest of my life. In our case, finding a marrow donor saved my wife's life. That's something you can never, ever repay, so the way we see it we just have to keep working to help as many other people as we can. Through our various charity events we've done we've already found four people who have been matches and been able to help save other lives, and it's a great feeling.

You can take all the race wins in the world, but none of it means as much as being able to help someone live.

What are you most looking forward to as the rest of 2013 unfolds?
My first Lucas Oil Off Road race will be in March, so we're going to start driving and testing again pretty soon here. Other than that I'm actually looking to slow things down a little bit. I've been going pretty hard and need to spend a little more time with my family and try to limit some of the crazy time schedules.

The funny thing is I always say that, but it never quite works out.

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