Salomon Freeski TV: Sicily


Exotic locations have never been a hindrance for the story-telling ski media. From Mexico to Morocco, from Georgia the state to Georgia the country, stories of downhill snow sliding have been told from all corners of the globe. Yet still, every year, newer, odder and seemingly less snowy regions get a fresh set of ski tracks and a story told through the eyes of skiers. For this, the ninth episode of this season's Salomon Freeski TV, skiers Elyse Saugstad and Kim Havell travel into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea to ski on the summery island of Sicily. To get more insight on Sicily, I spoke with Elyse about the trip. [Editor's note: Elyse is Cody's wife.]

So, honey. Why Sicily?
Why not?

It seems not very snowy?
Well, I had my doubts but I have to say I was curious to prove those doubts wrong.

So it was a success?
Minus the volcano erupting and the fact it was foggy 90 percent of the time, yes, it was. On the same token, you don't often get to ski next to a volcano spewing hot lava. And the food, festivities, and seaside were nice compliments to a ski day.

Besides the accouterments, how was the actual skiing?
It was more adventure skiing than typical freeskiing. There is some decent terrain if you hike for it. But the elements -- wind, fog and ice -- are quite pervasive because it's a giant volcano in the middle of the sea. But that's what exotic trips are for. It's more about your surroundings and using skiing as a vehicle to explore the destination.

Did Italian men hit on you?
Well, of course. They're Italian.

And this is the first time I'm hearing this why?
Oh, it's no biggie. Italians are, well, Italian. It's just what they do. Plus it gave me a good reason to practice my Italian swear words.

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