Pilat, protégé sharpen FMX skills in Italy

Ricky Monti

Petr Pilat does a Shaolin flip at Daboot SuperPark in Belluno, Italy.

For some European motocross riders from colder locales, Alvaro Dal Farra's Daboot Superpark in Belluno, Italy, can often provide a chance to get some riding in during the winter.

Back on Jan. 7, XGames.com photographed Czech rider Petr Pilat, 21, and his 13-year-old protégé, Matej Cesak, as they practiced their tricks in the picturesque countryside near Milan. The two young freestyle motocross riders also took the time to answer a few questions.

Pilat and protégé train in Italy

XGames.com: Why are you in Daboot SuperPark?
It's not the first time here for me, I love this park because there is a good set-up and a lot of ramps. I'm here because at home [near Prague in Pysely, Czech Republic] it is pretty cold and there is the snow so I decided to come here with my little friend Matej Cesak to train together.

Also, Alvaro is helping me to work on normal tricks, for the extension and style … because I have a huge flip trick list but not so much with normal tricks. Usually the judges said to me, "Petr, you need to push hard on normal tricks and not only in backflip."

Cesak: The same for me. I decided to come with my friend Petr to train together. He is like my special teacher. I love to jump here, for the set-up but also I love Italy, and training with the mountains [in the] background is beautiful.

How was 2012 season and it will be this year?
Pilat: Last year I started at Linz in Austria the second week in January. And after my third position in the Night of the Jump championship the year before I decided to train so much, but during it I broke my foot.

Two operations in USA then one again in Czech Republic and I stopped for six months, and my mind was down, was not easy to restart with all motivation.

For this year I want to push hard and I'll try to go to Red Bull X-Fighters and European X Games, but now I need to wait for the good weather to train so much.

Cesak: Last year I went to a lot of events in Czech Republic and Masters of Dirt in Graz [Austria]. For this year I have the contract for all the stops of Masters of Dirt. I'm so happy for that because it's a big tour for me, and I have on my schedule a lot of events in Czech Republic.

Are you working on some new tricks?
Pilat: Yes, on a foam pit like a double backflip, tsunami flip but I need to push on grab tricks like Superman grab, Indian, rock solid, etc. … And Alvaro told me where there are some mistakes, and I appreciate his help so much.

Cesak: Yes, I'm learning a lot of new tricks but in my mind there is the backflip, and I'll try it in the foam pit soon. Also, I'm so lucky to ride with Petr in his park because he helps me so much. I want to become a very good FMX rider, and he can teach me.

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