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Shane Borland tucks a frontside air over the channel at Washington St. Skatepark in San Diego, Calif.

Washington Street skatepark is one of the best skatepark's in Southern California. Building began in 1999 by a group of skaters under the Pacific HWY bridge in San Diego, Calif. At the time there were only a few parks in San Diego and they weren't free -- memberships, skate fees and pads were required. The city was cracking down on skateboarding in the streets with $100 to $300 tickets being issued by the city police. Soon, a group of skateboarders decided to build a spot where they could skate undisturbed and free from the crowds of skateparks. Initial construction started in a similar way to the renegaden do-it-yourself style of Burnside skatepark in Portland, Ore. Shortly thereafter Washington St. was shut down by the city since it was built on public property without permission or permits. By involving local TV stations and the skateboard industry to bring attention to the cause, the skaters prevailed. After a long and hard battle with the city and the proper permits obtained, construction resumed in 2002 and the park was completed a few years after.

Fast forward to 2013 and Washington St. is still going strong into its 13th year and exclusively maintained by the people who skate there. Fundraisers a few times a year help generate revenue for the porta-potty, insurance and other maintenance and there's also a donation box at the gate if you want to toss some money in there. With all the other crappy parks being built and contractors getting the bids who don't care about skateboarding and are in it for the money, the skaters who built Washington St. show how to take matters into your own hands -- true DIY style.

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