Dumont, Stept join forces

Mark Kohlman/ESPN

Simon Dumont will be creating a webisode series with Stept Productions this winter.

Heads up, ski webisode watchers: There's a new series online this winter that's the product of an unusual collaboration. Stept Productions and Simon Dumont have teamed up to produce six webisodes for the You Tube action-sports channel Network A. The series will document Dumont's return to competitive skiing after a season-ending knee injury last year.

At first glance Stept and Dumont may appear unlikely bedfellows. Dumont is the quintessential ski superstar, with a half-dozen X Games medals and a sponsor list that reads like a mini-mall directory. Stept, on the other hand, bases its reputation on hair-raising, high-consequence urban skiing missions that often put the crew at odds with the law.

"Simon is on the opposite end of the spectrum in a lot of people's eyes from the Stept crew," says Stept co-founder Nick Martini. "So many people think there's a big separation between what he does and what we do, but there really isn't. He's on our same program."

The first installment of the series makes clear just what the program is: crisp beats, clean angles, and no-frills park skiing that leave nothing to be desired except the next webisode.

The Stept crew is still hard at work on their annual ski film. Though the company is expanding their operations into projects like the webisodes, video content for clients like AFP and the North Face, and more, the Stept crew still finds time to keep it real in the streets. "Right now we've got one film crew on the East Coast, and one in Salt Lake City," says Martini. "This film will be our biggest production to date."

So will we see Dumont slaying urban set-ups with the crew?

"I think we'll probably keep the projects separate," says Martini. "But if Simon ever wanted to hit the streets with us, he'd be more than welcome."

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