Detroit Art Park


Lance Mountain at the "Ride It Sculpture Park" in Detroit, Mich.

In the fall of 2012 an unusual collaboration took place between acclaimed conceptual artist Matthew Barney, skateboarder Lance Mountain, Juxtapoz Magazine and the non-profit art collective Power House to raise money for the Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit, Mich.

Power House held an auction to build the Ride It Sculpture Park and Barney contributed his "Drawing Restraint #19" skateboard.

The "Drawing Restraint #19" deck has a massive piece of graphite attached to the nose of the board, making it a writing implement. With the Ride It Sculpture Park as the paper and "Drawing Restraint #19" as the rolling pencil, all that was needed was someone to skate the board.

Juxtapoz's editor Evan Pricco explained, "Lance [Mountain] was the perfect skateboard legend to ride the deck because he is also an artist and has a long history with Juxtapoz, Thrasher and the High Speed Productions family."

Prior to landing in Detroit, Mountain educated himself on the "Drawing Restraint Series", explaining, "I spent time figuring out how to make this work for what I thought Matthew would have perceived it to look like when finished. I watch a video of how some of his other pieces were and figured, at the end, you needed to see the motion of skating."

Working with the "Drawing Restraint #19" board was a series of trial and error. Mountain explained, "The graphite was on the nose and was hard to make any marks off the nose that were long or dark enough to see. The graphite was kind of big, so it would touch the ground when lifted up just an inch or two, so it was hard to hold it balanced in a wheelie for longer than a tap." Mountain said he, "thought it would look cooler on the wall, but also tried more of freestyle spacewalks on the ground. Trying tricks on it didn't really make marks was just a tap on the take off."

Realizing that to maximize the contact of the graphite with the surface, Mountain turned the board around and went to work. "I found a line that was a four wall hit and I would go over and over, sometimes 50 at a time then 20. Not sure on the final count, but it was maybe 150 could have been up to 200."

Regarding Barney's reaction, Pricco said, "I think Matthew liked it! I mean, of course, he was involved in all the decisions of what images to use, because this is part of a larger series he has been working on with "Drawing Restraint", but I think he just wanted, like all of us, to see Lance skate and what it would produce. I think this experiment was a pleasant surprise to everyone."

Juxtapoz released 1,000 Lance Mountain frontside air covers shot by Thrasher photographer and Detroit native Joe Brook. Check newsstands worldwide to nab one of the limited edition magazines, which are sure to be coveted by skaters and art fans alike. Through the fundraising efforts of Power House, Juxtapoz Magazine and Barney's contribution, phase one of Ride It Sculpture Park has been completed and the skatepark build is moving on to phase two. To learn more about the skatepark go to

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