Digging In

Mike Incitti

36-degree water and hard offshore winds is a small price to pay for open ones like this.

The winter blizzard that socked the Northeast last week was called "Nemo" by The Weather Channel. Keep in mind that winter storms have never been named before. Naming of storms has been strictly kept to tropical systems by the National Weather Service (NWS) until this season, when The Weather Channel decided nomenclature was appropriate (conveniently announced right after Superstorm Sandy.) The Weather Channel is on their own though, because the NWS isn't taking part in this storm-naming business.

Nemo Found: Northeast Blizzard Surfing

Giving every low-pressure system a name is the ultimate in storm-hype, basically just to get people's attention. But one thing is for sure: this blizzard delivered for a few places on the East Coast. It was a classic winter storm, gathering off the Carolina Coast, bombing out as it went north, delivering record snows to places in Maine, and blowing hard enough from the Northeast to give those with the love for such storms, a chance to get slotted.

It's not an easy part of the world to be a surfer, and especially for those in New England who dug through the three-foot dump to go duck dive 33-degree set waves. They deserve a little ink.

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