'New Ground' premiere


Ben Raybourn and friend show off his Thrasher cover during the "New Ground" premiere.

The Bones Wheels video "New Ground" premiered Saturday, Feb. 9, to a packed house at the La Poloma theater in Encinitas, Calif. With all the new videos that have come out in the last six months, "New Ground" is one of the heaviest yet. The opening part went to Jarred Huss, who threw down back-to-back bangers. From jumping down huge handrails to bombing some of the sketchiest desert wash ways, Huss delivered. And the blunt slide through the triple camel-hump ledge at Hood River skatepark made his part truly insane.

Aldrin Garcia came correct and had a great part with tricks like boardsliding a handrail onto a ledge, then dropping to lipslide on a curb, and feeble grinding to backside lipslide through a knobbed rail. The last part went to Ben Raybourn, and it was pure madness! Raybourn's transition skills, eye for unique spots and on-edge style had the crowd on their feet the entire time. Ending his part with two never-been-done Burnside hammers, Raybourn destroyed it. If you haven't seen "New Ground" yet, you can download it for free at Bones.com or watch the full length here.

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