Chippa's Statement

Tattooed, brash unapologetic, and talented beyond belief, Australia's Chippa Wilson ecompasses all that is wonderful about punk rock surfing. He's also a strong Real Surf contender.

Chippa Wilson is arguably the most technical surfer in the world, but he's not going to tell you that. "He's one of my closet friends and one of the most down to earth guys I've ever met," says filmmaker Riley Blakeway.

In the water, though he's a comet. He flies so far, so fast and with so much tweak and rotation that it's hard to fathom what he's doing without the aid of super slow motion video. As a surfer with a keen interest in skateboarding, his aerial bag of tricks is a wide and diverse as they come -- Indy's, Varials, Mutes, Slobs, and Big Spins. He's one of the few people in surfing who could watch a half pipe event or a street run and know what each guy is doing.

Despite being 24, he's only been known in the surf world for the last three years. He was a laborer in the small Australian town of Cabarita when he decided to enter a video contest put on by Stab Magazine called "Little Weeds" with a then unknown Blakeway.

Real Surf: Chippa Wilson

"We won that contest and it kick started both our careers," says Chippa. "It was quite a lucky break." The timing also coincided with the launch of Dane Reynolds blog Marine Layer Productions that seemed to explode the number of online surf video options overnight. "I think Dane really changed the game by focusing on making online surf videos and it really opened the doors for guys like me," says Chippa.  

Surf movie auteur Kai Neville first got a look at Chippa on a Kustom Airstrike trip. "I hadn't really seen much of him and was curious to see what he could do," says Kai. "I was blown away by how productive and consistent he was. Every session he's guaranteed to do something interesting.  Even when it's small he's trying varials and mute grabs and is flying around out into the flats."

Since that trip Chippa has scored coveted parts in Neville's "Landscape Altered," "Lost Atlas" and "Dear Suburbia" and has starred in Blakeway's "Now" and "Chromatic."  In 2013 his sights are firmly set on the ESPN's Real Surf contest, where he will submit a 90 second edit alongside Kelly Slater, Dion Agius, Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, Matt Meola and Jordy Smith in the hopes of winning the $50,000 first prize and a gold medal at the inaugural X Games in Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil, this April.

"I've been filming with Riley and a few other guys over the past few months in New Zealand, Maui and at home," says Chippa. "I'm really stoked for the opportunity to compete against such an amazing group of surfers."

When the edits are released in April fans of hi tech surfing will no doubt be watching Chippa's section over and over to see him fly.

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