On with the show at the Masters Of Dirt

Ricky Monti

Georg Fechter, the mind behind Masters Of Dirt since it was founded in 2000.

The Masters Of Dirt action sports spectacle is making its way around Europe, so we got some inside access to take some photos and speak with promoter Georg Fechter.

Fechter, an Austrian who makes his home in Vienna, and his staff were busy working 16-hour days to get the tour off to a good start with more than 40 BMX, mountain bike, ATV, snowmobile and motocross riders. The freestyle motocross riders who will be appearing at different venues include, among others, Blake "Bilko" Williams, Remi Bizouard, Libor Podmol, Robbie Maddison, Thomas Pages and Rob Adelberg.

"We are taking big things to the next level this year.Its gonna set new standards in the world of freestyle and I am very proud of it already," Fechter said.

We spoke with Fechter before the 2013 tour made its first stop last month in Vienna's Stadthalle arena.

Georg Fechter and the Masters Of Dirt

XGames.com: Hi, Georgie, how did you come up with the idea of "Masters of Dirt"?
I was always a passionate mountain bike and MX rider and fan. I wanted to build my own crew so I came up with the name MOD. At the very beginning we just bought events from a German production company. The people there had no clue about show business, how to entertain people and put the "freestyle" [I think that stands for freedom, right?] back into the rules, federations, points and prize money.

This wasn't freestyle to me so we started to promote shows that will please the audience with new highlights every year, making it possible for the riders to ride without pressure but still push the limits because the MOD crowds are always great and loud.

The Masters of Dirt are like a big family … everyone parties, has fun riding and comes along good. For us the riders' safety is the most important thing, we will do everything to make it work just their way and this is what's very important in a sport that dangerous.

Now, after a few years people like "Mad" Mike Jones or the godfather of FMX, Mike Metzger, and many more say that MOD is the world's best freestyle show. And it is a fact that there is no other show on the planet combining so much crazy action in arenas within three hours. It's a pure wave of emotion. Over 150 people have Masters of Dirt tattoos even the Godfather himself got his whole shin done. I am so proud about all the people involved in MOD; you guys are amazing!

What kind of staff have you put in place to organize the event?
We are a small core group of people: Arthur Magnus [project manager], Berni Fieber [production manager], Teresa Nosal [assistance], Jason Moriarty [riders manager], Alex Antic our online and media director, Gerhard Mayr and track crew, you are the best and hardest-working people around, some logistics crew and runners, plus stagehands from local promoters or venues and, of course last but not least, me, the mastermind and all seeing eye of MOD.

The main pre-event work is done by Arthur, Berni, Teresa, Alex Antic, my dad and me.

Will there be some big-name riders there?
All of our riders are crazy and big, go check out the list out on our website [www.mastersofdirt.com]. Masters of Dirt is about pushing the limits and putting down an amazing choreographed show. I am very looking forward to Jimmy Blaze's RZR buggy backflip, the FMX tandem jumps [no flips for the first time] and much more mayhem going on, such as four-wide, side-by-side synchro and massive trains.

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