Spirit of St. Patrick's Day in California hills

John Sanders

Nate Adams goes green in Reche Canyon, Calif.

Over the past weekend the skies opened up and poured the season's best rain in Southern California. This only meant one thing, it was going to be on for everyone who owned a dirt bike and had the weekend off to ride. Nate Adams, Andy Bakken, Brian Foster, Jeremy Stenberg, Josh Hansen, Andre Villa and others showed up to one of the premier freeride spots to take full advantage of the excellent riding conditions.

The skies were crystal blue filled with the perfectly white puffy clouds. Lush hills sprouting with early spring vegetation rolling along the landscape combined with blurs Monster riders and their bikes created a bright green St. Patrick's Day scene that was missing only a leprechaun and a rainbow. The temperature was a mild 70 degrees as the sounds of dirt bikes mixed with the smell of exhaust in the air. The conditions were ideal for filming and photo taking opportunities.

St. Patrick's freeriding in Reche Canyon

Though this spot has become so popular and masses of other non-motocross riders were out, it didn't stop everyone from having fun. And those masses were greeted with a private show of some of the best FMX riders in the world in the hills.

We started out in the "snake line canyon," a popular main spot where most of the freeride action has taken place this season, then moved onto the downhill trail "slide for life," a steep single track downhill trail, that will definitely require your pucker pants for a brief moment.

After that we weaved our way back up the "Jedi trail," and onto the last spot that was seeing some good riding by the likes of Nate Adams. "It's days like this I miss the most," Adams said.

Shortly after he said that, our fun was cut short in the out-of-control popularity of the hills. We had cashed in our last token as forces outside our control decided it was time to end our lucky streak. All-in-all everyone took home a little piece of freeriding gold and added a few more memories to our "ride life."

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