Athlete invites announced for X Games Foz

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Brazilian skateboard pro Bob Burnquist is invited to compete in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Foz do Iguau in April.

Three proficient Brazilian skateboarders highlight the invite list for X Games Foz do Iguaçu as they will go for gold in their home country next month.

Pedro Barros will defend his gold medal in Men's Skateboard Park, Bob Burnquist will also try to repeat in Skateboard Big Air, and Sao Paulo native Leticia Bufoni hopes to improve on her silver-medal performance in Women's Skateboard street.

But the locals will have a run for their money as X Games announced the full invite list on Thursday. Burnquist will be challenged once again by a crop of young Skateboard Big Air specialists led by Mitchie Brusco and Tom Shaar. While Barros has won nearly every competition he entered in 2012, Grant Taylor, Andy Macdonald, Raven Tershy and the rest of the field won't go down easily. And Bufoni will have to overcome defending gold medalist Alexis Sablone to top the podium in Street for the first time at an X Games.

Also invited are X Games mainstays Travis Pastrana, who is joining Ken Block and Brian Deegan in RallyCross; Jamie Bestwick will try for his unprecedented seventh-straight BMX Vert gold medal; And Ryan Nyquist leads the field in the return of BMX Dirt. Despite the cancellation of Moto X Best Trick, the moto field is strong with Nate Adams and Taka Higashino in the mix for Moto X Freestyle.

In addition to the on-site competition, several of the world's best surfers will be facing off in the debut of Real Surf for X Games Foz. Brazilian Gabriel Medina is sure to be the local favorite as he puts his aerial expertise on display in the popular video part bracket contest, but current ASP World Tour points leader Kelly Slater should have a few tricks up his sleeve, and high-flying Julian Wilson should contribute an epic part.

X Games Foz will be held April 18-21 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

X Games Foz Invite List


Steve McCann
Zack Warden
Kevin Robinson
Chad Kagy
Morgan Wade
Vince Byron
Colton Satterfield
Andy Buckworth

Scotty Cranmer
Ryan Nyquist
Pat Casey
Dennis Enarson
Drew Bezanson
Kyle Baldock
Daniel Dhers
Gary Young
Daniel Sandoval
Morgan Wade

Ryan Nyquist
TJ Ellis
Dennis Enarson
Mike "Hucker" Clark
Kyle Baldock
Ben Wallace
Luke Parslow
Brandon Dosch

Jamie Bestwick
Vince Byron
Simon Tabron
Steven McCann
Chad Kagy
Austin Coleman
Francisco "CoCo" Zurita
Mykel Larrin
Dennis McCoy
Zack Warden


Nate Adams
Jarryd McNeil
Todd Potter
Jeremy Stenberg
Edgar Torronteras

Massimo Bianconcini
Brian Foster
Ronnie Renner
Josh Hansen
Bryce Hudson
Libor Podmal

Nate Adams
Jarryd McNeil
Libor Podmol
Mat Rebeaud
Ronnie Renner
Edgar Torronteras
Andre Villa
Massimo Bianconcini

Nate Adams
Remi Bizouard
Libor Podmol
Todd Potter
Levi Sherwood
Jackson Strong
Taka Higashino
Andre Villa
Rob Adelberg

Taddy Blazusiak
Cody Webb
Taylor Robert
Mike Brown
Cory Graffunder
Kyle Redmond
Colton Haaker
Geoff Aaron
Kevin Rookstool
Gary Sutherlin
Destry Abbott
Bobby Prochnau
Max Gerston
Ryan Sandoval
Bryan Roper
Ryan Rodgers
Wally Palmer
Jack Field
Peter Weiss
Leandro Silva
Antonio Balbi
Nielsen Bueno
Romulo Bottrel

Maria Forsberg
Louise Forsley
Chantelle Bykerk
Kacy Martinez
Tarah Gieger
Ashley Fiolek
Jolene Van Vugt
Rachel Gutish
Mariana Balbi
Marcella Gonçalves


Bob Burnquist
Elliot Sloan
Jake Brown
Mitchie Brusco
Nolan Munroe
Rony Gomes
Tom Schaar
Edgard Pereira

Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Andy Macdonald
Bob Burnquist
Bucky Lasek
Sandro Dias
Danny Mayer
Marcelo Bastos
Tom Schaar

Ben Hatchell
Ben Raybourn
Grant Taylor
Pedro Barros
Raven Tershy
Rune Glifberg
Aaron "Jaws" Homoki
Andy Macdonald
Kevin Kowalski
Taylor Bingaman

Nyjah Huston
Paul Rodriguez
Ryan Sheckler
Sean Malto
Shane O'Neill
Chris Cole
Torey Pudwill
Bastien Salabanzi
Luan Oliveira
Billy Marks
Tommy Sandoval
Austyn Gillette
Ishod Wair
Matt Miller
Dylan Rieder
Mikey Taylor
David Gonzalez
Peter Ramondetta
Tom Asta
Chaz Ortiz

Alexis Sablone
Leticia Bufoni
Rachel Reinhard
Marissa Dal Santo
Lacey Baker
Jessica Florencio
Eliana Sosco
Elissa Steamer
Pamela Rose
Evelien Bouilliart


Tanner Foust
Brian Deegan
Ken Block
Liam Doran
Toomas Heikkinen
Patrik Sandell
Bryce Menzies
Travis Pastrana

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