Brian Foster's Fit bike check

Courtesy of Fit Bike Co.

Brian Foster escapes the clutches of a New Jersey winter to film a new bike check in Austin, Texas.

In March of 2012, legendary BMX dirt, street, park and race pro Brian Foster parted ways with his longtime component sponsor Primo, to the dismay of the greater BMX community. Much has been said about Foster's departure from the brand, including a section in the 2012 Fit Bike Co. documentary "BF-It," with commentary from BMX pros including Aaron Ross and Drew Bezanson, but Foster soldiered on without the aid of a Primo Dirt Monster tire or Powerbite cranks.

Considering that Foster's bike sponsor Fit manufactured a wealth of components, the loss of Primo as a sponsor amounted to nothing more than the loss of a paycheck. He switched everything on his bike to Fit Bike Co. components, including tires, seating and drivetrain. And then, Foster picked up a new component sponsor in the form of Merritt Components. Based in New Jersey not far from Foster, he was offered signature two-piece handlebars from Merritt, which are now available from Merritt.

Recently, Foster escaped the clutches of central New Jersey during the winter to ride trails in Austin, Texas and hook up with Fit Bike Co. videographer Stew Johnson. Along with riding, the duo managed to film the above bike check, and offer a glimpse into the life and times of Brian Foster. Noteworthy moments include Foster admitting to lacing his own front wheel incorrectly, his effortless manual lines, and his trademark not a care in the world sarcasm.

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