New agency aims to boost MX athletes, brands

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The Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Race Team, whose top Supercross and motocross rider is James Stewart, is a client of the Tyme Agency.

For Tyme Agency creator and founder Jason Fierro hitting home runs has always been in his DNA. Fierro was drafted by the Detroit Tigers out of high school, but pursued his education instead of focusing on the laces of a fastball coming down home plate.

After working in the golf industry for 10 years Fierro decided it was time to run down another area of interest, motocross. Growing up in a motocross-influenced family, his passion for the sport was seeded at a young age. Leaving the golf industry and landing a job, the social network based around action, motor and endurance sports, he honed his experience for dealing with industry companies, sales, sponsorship and management.

Deciding it was time to take a leap of faith Fierro has now formed the Tyme Agency, and he is looking to better build, educate and manage brands on the importance of the current ways youth and consumers interact today. Using his experience and network of connections Fierro hopes to be on his way to building his passion into a championship-caliber team and he has already signed up clients such as the Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Race Team, Deft Family gloves, off road racing driver Gavin Harlien and motocross rider Nick Wey.

Fierro, who described his motocross riding skills as a kid as not very good although he was in the "super fan" category, spoke with us back in January about branching out on his own.

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Jason Fierro brings 16 years of experience in the sports world to his new endeavor, the Tyme Agency. Founding the Tyme Agency is a fresh, new journey you've just started. Tell us some more about it. Fierro: Yeah, it definitely is recent but it's something I've been thinking about doing for a little while now. Working with hundreds of brands over the years, I definitely saw more and more who were in need of assistance when it came to managing their athlete support programs and also establishing and executing a social media strategy. With regards to the athlete and team representation, there was a natural fit because I was lucky enough to work with great brands across many industries over the last six years.

So it was definitely something I had been thinking about doing and focusing on my areas of expertise plus I have always wanted to take the leap of faith to start my own business. Now was the time to do it and make it happen. What's it like to go out on your own like this?
You know, it's scary, especially when you have a wife and a 6-month-old at home to take care of but this is something I'm passionate about and am stoked to be able to have the opportunity to work with the brands, athletes and teams in an industry that has been such huge part of my life. I have learned so much over the last six years in the sponsorship world, the digital/social media world and want to use that knowledge to help my clients achieve success.

A few months ago I read a book called "Platform" and there was a few paragraphs at the end that talked in particular about not letting your fears stop you from pursuing your passion and trusting your gut and know that in the end it will all turn out OK. I can honestly say that was a huge catalyst in helping make the decision to take this leap.

You said you have 16 years of experience in action sports. How is that experience going to play into and benefit you with Tyme Agency?
So the 16 years has been broken down into mainstream sports (golf industry) and also in action, motor and endurance sports. I feel that my understanding of what it takes to efficiently run a successful athlete program and creating a strong ambassador base who are actively promoting a brand and its products while generating strong sales both directly and indirectly will be a great program that produces a strong [return on investment] for the brands I work with.

Social media is still a relatively new space and believe it or not there are still many brands that have no social strategy and don't know where to begin when it comes to devising a plan and executing it to increase their social footprint and keep their audience engaged. I will be working with brands on developing a social strategy that is in line with their marketing initiatives and help them build a highly engaged audience across multiple platforms.

Another service I'll be offering is sales consulting, I'll be helping brands establish company processes and procedures, implementation of sales programs, staff recruitment and securing deals to increase company sales.

And lastly I will be helping athletes and teams secure sponsorship dollars through my network of endemic brands I have had the pleasure of working with over the years as well as reaching out to non-endemic brands to educate them on the action and motorsports with the hopes of bringing more non-endemic brands to this industry.

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Supercross and motocross racer Nick Wey is one of Tyme Agency's new clients.

Speaking of social media, how important is it nowadays?
Having a successful social media strategy is literally now something that can make a good year a great year for a brand and if the strategy proves to be unsuccessful can hinder a brand's growth for years to come. It's crazy to see a form of media take over the business world so quickly, we have seen an advertising evolution going from companies putting the majority of their marketing dollars into print and TV and now moving to social ads where companies spent $4.6 billion in 2012.

I think it's absolutely necessary to have a strong social media presence because as a brand you want to be where your customers and potential customers spend their time and these social sites give the opportunity to not only be in the same sandbox but it also gives you the opportunity to engage with the audience and help convert them into customers.

I know you said you are only a couple weeks new into your new business venture, and who are some of your clients?
Right now I'm working with Custom Decal as a sales consultant. They are the largest manufacturer of motorcycle graphics in the industry with many capabilities beyond graphics and I'm helping them become more efficient and reaching out to my network to help expand their current account base. I'm working with Rockwell Watches and managing their amateur support program and we have seen a great response already from the athletes who are in the program because they feel like they are part of a team and able to engage with Rockwell.

As far as the sponsorship sales goes, I am working with Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Race Team for both SX/MX as well their road race team and have just recently picked up Fouch Racing and Harlien Racing who are a part of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. The response has really been great since people have learned that I have started my own agency and I am overwhelmed with the support.

What is the main goal, purpose you'd like to accomplish with the Tyme Agency?
The main purpose of Tyme is to be a solution for brands with limited resources and experience in the always evolving social media world and provide executive level management experience to address needs and maximize results.

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