Altamont meets GG Allin


What's more dangerous than having a photo of GG Allin on your chest?

Recently, Altamont Apparel introduced a capsule collection celebrating the iconic punk-rock outlaw GG Allin, commemorating the 20-year-anniversary of his death.

The clothing brand derived its name from the notorious Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969 and is steeped in the dark history of rock 'n' roll -- but they'd be hard pressed to find any collaborator with as menacing a story as Allin.

Named Jesus Christ Allin by his mother, the New Hampshire native became what can best be described as a "rock 'n' roll terrorist," which is the epitaph on his tombstone. Musically, Allin delved into country and even spoken word, but his primary vehicle for his uncompromising aggression was punk rock.

Courtesy of Altamont

GG Allin in his prime.

Equally loathed and revered, Allin ambushed his audience with his spontaneous and unpredictable antics, which frequently brought him off the stage and into direct confrontation with the crowd. With each performance his notoriety grew, and Allin's constant touring was only thwarted by frequent hospital visits or prison time.

Believing that corporations had a stronghold on rock 'n' roll, Allin strove to break barriers with intentionally unpalatable presentation, dangerous behavior and controversial lyrics. In the 1991 documentary "Bleedin', Stinkin' & Drinkin'," Allin said, "I'm here to put danger and fear back in rock 'n' roll." Of his contemporaries, he said, "Where other people leave off, I accelerate."

It's that intensity that motivated Allin's cult-like following. The controversy surrounding Allin has grown since his death at 36 years old, as has his fanbase. Artists like Beck, The Lemonheads and Hank Williams III all have covered his songs, introducing a new audience to Allin's music.

Through GG's older brother, Merle Allin, Altamont Apparel was given access to previously unseen photographs and drawings completed during GG's time in prison. The product capsule with Altamont includes two T-shirts: One features a snapshot of Allin posing in front of Marilyn Monroe's crypt and the other is the artwork of the tombstone tattoo that was inked over Allin's heart, which reads "Live Fast Die GG."

Through this latest collaboration with Altamont Apparel, another generation will be exposed to the thought-provoking artist and Allin's legend will continue to grow. For more information, go to

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