Red Bull Phenom searches for next X Games star

The next generation of off-the-radar talent is getting its chance to compete on the biggest stage in action sports as Red Bull energy drink unveils a video contest for skateboarders, BMXers and mountain bikers.

Red Bull Phenom calls on amateur skate and BMX athletes ages 13 to 19, and 14- to 19-year-old mountain bike slopestyle riders, to film, edit and upload a one-minute video, which will be judged by a living legend in its respective sport.

Red Bull

Red Bull Phenom is an amateur video contest in BMX, mountain biking and skateboarding, with the winners getting an all-expense paid trip to compete on the X Games courses.

Evaluated on talent, performance and style, the six top riders from each sport will win all-expenses-paid trips to Phenom contests held at X Games events this summer. Winning mountain bike slopestyle riders -- judged by pioneer Richie Schley -- will compete at X Games Munich in June, while skate and BMX finalists -- tapped by Steve Caballero and Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla, respectively -- will ride at X Games Los Angeles in August.

The top competitor from each sport will win a video profile produced by the energy-drink company.

Caballero told that he got involved with the initiative because "it sounded like a great opportunity to give unknown people the change to make it into our industry. [It's about the kids] who may have never had the chance to get involved at such a high level so quickly and get noticed. It's so hard these days with all the standards and hoops people have to go through to make it."

Adds Escamillia, "I'm pretty stoked to be a part of Red Bull Phenom. It is a great opportunity to be an ambassador of a sport I have given everything to and to help find and nurture the next generation of talent."

The video upload window opens April 8 and runs through June 17. To be considered, all videos must be uploaded to YouTube with the keywords "Red Bull Phenom," with links submitted to

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