Libor Podmol goes full speed into first X Games

Ricky Monti

Libor Podmol's 2-year-old son Joshua enjoys a ride with Dad at the Daboot SuperPark in Belluno, Italy.

Czech freestyle motocross rider Libor Podmol is going to make the most of his first X Games appearance next week at Foz do Iguaçu by competing in all the Moto X events except Best Whip and Enduro X.

"It's been two or three years that I try to go to X Games but it never became true," Podmol, 28, said last week while at a training session at the Daboot SuperPark in Belluno, Italy. "This year I'll participate in the first event in Brazil. I'm so stoked and I'm so happy to ride with big riders. And I'm so pumped because I'll participate in three different races: Speed & Style, Step Up and Freestyle, so I'm working on getting good results."

The 2010 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship Tour winner and 2012 runner-up known for his Underflip Indian Air trick comes from a motocross family as his late father, also named Libor, was an enduro racer. And it won't be long before Podmol's 2-year-old son, Joshua, follows the family tradition as he played on toy motorcycles and hopped a ride with Dad. took some photos of Podmol's training session and asked him about his preparations for X Games Brazil.

FMX rider's international effort How is your training during last months for X-Games?
I've traveled a lot during this winter, I went in Spain for two months and here in Italy for three weeks. I spent more time riding on motocross track to get more confidence and speed for the Speed & Style race. I'm working on my physical preparation that I've never tried before and I have good results. Then I'm working on a 360 and other new tricks for me and [hope to] put all things together to get a good results.

What do you think about Moto X Best Trick being canceled?
Everybody know that the Best Trick was so interesting for the crowd and sometimes it helps to develop freestyle motocross, but during the last two, three years it was so dangerous and some guys waited one year only for this event. So it was not good for this sport overall but only this contest.

Which is your favorite competition from Step Up, Freestyle and Speed & Style?
My favorite is Freestyle because I'm an FMX rider so I've got a good feeling to jump on a ramp and do tricks. Speed & Style could be funny because you need to have a motocross background to get speed in the track one-on-one like a real competition. Step Up, it's so funny and sometimes you need to be lucky too.

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