Bianconcini gets a little help from his friend

Massimo Bianconcini readies for X Games Brazil with some practice sessions at Miki Monti's MX park in Lido di Savio, Italy.

Massimo Bianconcini made his X Games debut in Moto X Step Up last summer in Los Angeles, but it was a brief one as he didn't make it past the first height of 32 feet.

But he's been invited back for Step Up and Speed & Style for X Games Foz do Iguaçu, and he spoke to us early last week while he was training for the competitions at his friend Miki Monti's MX park in Lido di Savio (near Ravenna), Italy.

Bianconcini trains for X Games Brazil How is your training going for X Games Brazil?
Going good, but to tell you the truth I started just yesterday. I have three days to get used to the four-stroke. I just came back from Masters Of Dirt tour in Europe and before I had other events, so there wasn't time to train.

Hopefully it's enough.

Usually you ride with a two-stroke. Why did you decide to run with a four-stroke for X Games?
Last time I wasn't jumping as well as the other guys because I was the only one with a two-stroke. I realized it was not powerful enough for this type of contest and the only thing I could (do) to have more chances is to change the bike with a four-stroke.

Are you training in your park?
The dirt in my park doesn't allow me to prepare (for) Step Up, it's full of stones, which makes it impossible. That's why I asked to my friend, Miki Monti, to help me and we built everything in his park in Ravenna.

You were a Supercross rider before becoming an FMX rider, what do you think about Speed & Style?
I love this combination, it reminds me of the old times and lets me do two things that I love at the same time. It gives you a kick, adrenaline, but at the same time it's very difficult and dangerous.

Will you go to all the X Games locations?
For now I'm invited to come to X Games Brazil and Barcelona. Later we will see.

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