First-time director's Canard documentary debuts

Doug Parsons speaks with director Kyle Cowling and others at the premiere of "In The Beginning," a new documentary about Supercross racer Trey Canard.

For Kyle Cowling, a filmer and editor well known in the motocross community, making a feature film was a dream. That dream came true when Panic Rev Films gave Cowling the opportunity to help produce "In The Beginning," a new documentary about Supercross racer Trey Canard.

Cowling, who had only done short web edits before this project, is known for his artistic approach that he tries to incorporate into all his videos. Though he's never had the chance to work on a full length film, he was eager to finally get his shot.

The film premiered last week at a movie theater in Temecula, Calif., with industry people, friends and family coming to watch Cowling's work of art, which was displayed bigger than he could've imagined. When asked about how he felt standing inside the movie theatre waiting for it to begin he said:

"This is so surreal, I can't even believe this is happening right now," Cowling said outside the theater before the film began.

Canard's story is a touching one. An unfortunate event took his father's life but left Canard's faith so strong it has led him to become the man he is today. A determined, hard-working athlete, something his dad stood for and instilled in his children.

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