The art and shapes of Tyler 'Pickle' Warren

Making and riding unique surf craft isn't all Tyler Warren is good at. His renown as an artist is taking him places too.

If you're looking for a portrait of the surfer as an artist, look no further than the talented Tyler "Pickle" Warren. As a young Orange County-based artist, he creates surf-inspired pieces in a variety of mediums.

"I grew up enjoying drawing a lot," he says. "It's always fun to have an idea and create it. "

Warren grew up with the right bloodline for his chosen career. His great uncle is Mexican muralist Roberto Montenegro, and his uncle is painter Kenton Nelson. His first commission came when he was 18 years old and working at the Hobie Surf Shop.

"I had drawn on a couple boards and a guy came in and wanted me to draw on his boards," he said. "Then someone from Simple shoes saw the artwork on the boards and liked it. They paid me to design some patterns."

Since then, Warren has done work for a host of big brands like Billabong, Von Zipper, Rip Curl, Swiss Army Knife, Hobie Surfboards and Pacifico. His artistic style has been influenced by 20th century greats like Norman Rockwell, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol, and his work evokes a nostalgia for surfing's halcyon days of the '50s and '60s.

"All of my influences are pre-1970," he said.

Not only is Warren an accomplished artist, he's also a budding surf craftsman as well.

"I find myself shaping surfboards more than anything," Warren said. "I've been enjoying that."

Profile: Tyler Warren

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