Bushfield wins 'Splash'

It turns out, doing flips on snow translates pretty well to water. In "Splash," the new ABC reality show about diving, which ended Tuesday night in a season finale, the winner was none other than pro skier Rory Bushfield, who attributed his success and inspiration on the show to his late wife, freeskiing pioneer Sarah Burke. We spoke to Bushfield the day after his victory dive aired on TV.

It was a good feeling [winning "Splash"]. I had the deck stacked on my side a little bit. I still pushed myself the whole way through to try new stuff.

Everybody says that I had a rivalry with Drake Bell from Nickelodeon. He ripped into me in that one interview for not diving. I got a lot of calls about that.

I think he was just pissed. I'd go to the pool and just jump on the trampoline and he'd be diving for like four hours straight. And then I'd go and beat him in the comp and not even dive. Drake's the man though, for sure.

Now that the competition is over, I'm going to be around L.A. for a bit then go home. I'm going to ski a bit, coach summer camp at Momentum, surf, you know, do what I do. I'm going to get my airplane and deal with a stack of mail, and the house. I guess it's real messy. My roommate wants to get a cleaner. I'm never even there and he wants to get a cleaner.

I don't know where I'm going to put the trophy. That thing is like 60 pounds. I might just leave it down in L.A. somewhere.

My ear is holding pressure now. It took awhile. It still rings though, man. It rings like crazy.

There's talk of a season two of "Splash." There's nothing set in stone.

I never lied about jumping off bridges and stuff before. They knew going into it.

I made friends with Chuy Bravo a bit and a Nicole Eggert, because we got to go to the end together. And Drake too, man. I spent the most time with those guys. It was wild trying to bond with Ndamukong Suh. The guy signed like a $65 million contract over the next five years for playing football. He was pretty interesting. Pretty much right out of high school, he's going to make a lot of money.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a guru. I got to connect with Kareem a bit. He's so chill. I asked him about Bruce Lee and the time he got to spend with him. We talked about Bruce Lee's style and why it worked for him so well.

They asked me to be on "The Bachelor," but I told them to screw off. I'm not doing that. No way.

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