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There comes a time shortly after graduating college when one makes the decision to get a real job, in the real world. For Mike McLeod, that decision came last spring when he graduated from Westminster College in Utah. During his senior year, he worked with Inspired Media Concepts on their 2012 film, "The Education of Style." Using his ski movie making experience, McLeod joined the ranks of 4bi9 Media, along with co-founders A.J. Dakoulas and Andrew Napier. He directed, filmed and produced the company's seventh film, "All Damn Day," which will premiere this fall, and he hopes to take the company in a whole new direction.

I lived with Karl Fostvedt for two years and I've never seen him ski so hard as he did for this movie.

We embraced the mantra of going really hard all day and all night and living that lifestyle off the hill.

Outside of a couple of good trips to Mount Baker, we didn't take trips. The majority of the movie is filmed in Salt Lake City in terms of urban. That's where the heaviest presence is. There wasn't really a need to leave the state of Utah.

It's more ideal to make a movie in your backyard. There's no travel, no planning. You just do it. The movie took its own direction and the guys were really invested in it.

I filmed "The Education of Style" last year with Eric Iberg. I graduated school last spring, and I was at a crossroads of taking interviews at places where I'd have a decent job but wasn't really in the ski industry. I started talking to Napes [4bi9 co-founder Andrew Napier] and A.J. [Dakoulas, 4bi9 co-founder] and Napes definitely wanted to keep things going.

The teaser [shown above] was cut on February 10. That's only the footage from December through February. We have the heaviest stack of footage that any of us have ever seen.

We just booked a house at Mount Hood for a month. A big crew is going to chill up there and try and get a bunch of stuff done.

The film is being fueled by Karl [Fostvedt], Dale [Talkington], and John [Ware] the most. These guys have started to really manipulate zones, like building urban features in the backcountry -- massive airs to redirects off quarterpipe landings, huge butter pads. We had a really good run of those types of features the last month.

Andy Partridge has a pretty classic rookie part. It's like a Sammy Carlson in "War" style, high school kid, 16 year old, first real part. He's on the U.S. Freeskiing Rookie Team, but he wants to focus more on filming.

A.J. and I are on the same page in that we'd like to expand 4bi9 into more of a production house and develop more capabilities outside of skiing. We're more of a creative body than just a ski movie production company.

The 4bi9 mahalo lifestyle can't really be explained. It's taking advantage of every day, hanging with your friends and living pretty well. Ski hard, live hard, and party on.

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