Alisha Gonsalves on new reality show "Surf House"

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Hawaii's Alisha Gonsalves stars in the new web series "Surf House" that airs today on Nework A.

When "Surf House" -- a new reality show about four young surfers on the North Shore of Oahu -- premieres today on Network A Hawaiian starlet Alisha Gonsalves will probably miss it. That is because the South Shore of Oahu has is firing and the 20-year-old wahine will be most likely surfing overhead waves at her home break Ala Moana Bowls. The waves in Town were firing for the past four days. Therefore, it was difficult to nail down Alisha for an interview because she was surfing so much. For the past two years, she has traversed the globe, competing and chasing World Championship Tour qualification. So when she is at home in Honolulu Alisha is looking to surf as much as possible, especially when the waves are this good. Finally we caught up to her after she surfed six- to eight-foot Ala Moana Bowls for three hours plus with less than a dozen guys in the water. Needless to say, she was stoked on the epic session at her home break, and seemed equally excited to talk about "Surf House."

How did you get involved with "Surf House?"
I was sponsored by Roxy for a long time and Jamie Tierney -- who works on the show -- worked for Quiksilver. The opportunity for the show came up and he asked me if I wanted to tryout for it. There were auditions at Huntington Beach where I was at the time. A couple of my friends were going so I was like, "Oh okay, why not?" So I went into Huntington and did the audition. Then next thing I got an email from Tierney asking if I still wanted to do the show a year later.

So when did the shooting for "Surf House" occur?
We started shooting in November [2012] and ended in December. I think it was about six weeks.

What was the coolest part about doing the reality TV show?
There were a lot of great things that I got to experience, but I think I have to say the coolest was actually getting to live in a nice house on the North Shore in the wintertime on the beach with three people I didn't really know very well in the beginning. Just getting to know them, hangout and have a living space together.

Who were you the closest to in the house and why?
I was the closest with Bree [Kleintop] in the house. Of course she is the only girl so we were going to click -- we shared a room and bed together. It was huge king-size bed, but I got to sleep with her. It was fun and I got to spend a lot of time with her. Bree was the closest one to me in the house. Out of the boys, I love both of them equally.

Speaking of love, I got to watch the first episode of "Surf House" and I noticed there was an evolving love story with you and Mitch Crews.
[Giggles] I definitely have a love for Mitch, but it's like a friendship-love that they turned into a romance-love that I think is so funny. Mitch and I are definitely good buds, but I can see how it would look differently to other people.

So did anybody in the cast hookup during filming?
No. It's funny because no of us were attracted to each other in that way. They're not bad-looking boys at all and Bree is an attractive girl, but our flow was just better as friends.

What was the most awkward situation you were put in during "Surf House?"
I say the most awkward situation was at one time Bree and I kind of got into a fight about something and then having to go through it with her while the cameras were there.

How many cameras were following you around during filming? They had two or three cameras setup in the house. They weren't allowed to put cameras in the bathroom or bedroom. Then sometimes they would have a camera follow us when we went outside of the house. That is when they would follow us, and usually the house-cameras were always on.

Your dad, Davey Gonsalves, is a former pro surfer and is one of the boys at Ala Moana Bowls, but was there anything that happened on the show that you had to warn him about?
Honestly, the way I am on the show [my parents] have seen it all. I'm really close to my parents and I tell them a lot so they're not going to be surprised by anything I think. There is nothing too bad and we are all pretty good kids so there is nothing I had to warn them about.

Why do you think people should watch "Surf House?"
People should watch "Surf House" because it's an interesting perspective on young adults' lives in a really cool pad in Hawaii. You get to see an insider's perspective that not many people get to see in surfing. Usually shows are just about surfing, but you get to see behind the scenes as well [in "Surf House"].

How did it feel being the only Hawaiian in the house on the North Shore?
I definitely felt really proud to be the only Hawaiian and sharing my culture with them. They have all been to Hawaii several times before, but I feel like there were things I knew differently than them. So it was cool, but I also felt a little bit of pressure because I want people to think of Hawaii well and I want to represent Hawaii in a positive image.

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