Matty Wilko and the art of the Combo

Wilko demonstrates the finer points of nailing a combo in Indo.

Tacos are great, but you can't eat them every day. You can't just keep Mos Def's "The New Danger" in your car stereo any more than you can watch "The Shawshank Redemption" over and over (well actually maybe you can.) You have to change it up, flip the script ... shake up the game. Surfing is the same. Not only do judges love it when surfers put down a variety of maneuvers on a wave -- showing power rail work juxtaposed with future-forward air techniques and stylish bottom turns -- but its important in free surfing. Who wants to be a one trick pony? Whether it's you just picking off a few at your local beach break after work or a World Tour star on a high profile photo trip, putting together combinations is as important for a heavyweight surfer as a prizefighter. Check out Matt Wilkinson throwing everything from carve to lip blast, falling floater, air-reverse, and the kitchen sink at this peeling blue Indo playground.

Breakdown: Matt Wilkinson's Whip

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