Into 'Open Air' with Whip champ Torronteras

Edgar Torronteras talks about winning the fan vote for gold in Moto X Best Whip at X Games Barcelona 2013.

Edgar Torronteras pulled off a big upset in his hometown when he won the Moto X Best Whip contest and defeated three-time defending champion Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg last month at X Games Barcelona.

Torronteras' first gold in four X Games appearances (he had two silvers in previous Best Whip contests) produced a flood of emotions from the 33-year-old freestyle motocross pioneer.

"I'm very happy. It was an amazing feeling and especially to get it in front my home crowd," Torronteras said last weekend at the Masters of Dirt "Open Air" event in Graz, Austria. "(I was) so pumped!"

Not only did Torronteras win the fan vote via Twitter that earned him gold, a post-event poll on listed his victory as the top Moto X highlight from X Games Barcelona.

We spoke with Torronteras [and compiled the photo gallery below] at the MOD event about defending his Best Whip crown and trying to improve upon his sixth-place showing in Speed & Style.

X Games Best Whip champ in 'Open Air' Your whip was definitely the best from twitter votes and you won the gold, what changed from Brazil?
Well, in Brazil I realized that with a bit of help from my country's fans I could reach my dream [of a gold medal]. Of course I knew that my whips are huge, but in the end you need help to get a medal. With the Twitter voting system you never know. The only thing you can do is pull off crazy whips and get people crazy!

In one of last laps of Best Whip you jumped so close to Twitch, was it to show the differences between your whips?
[Laughs] You are a smart guy! No, not really, just a [coincidence]! [Laughs]

You said after the silver medal in Brazil nothing changed in your life, is it the same after this gold?
Well, of course it's really changed. Now I realized my dream, and I could [understand] the feeling. And the only thing I can say is that I want one again. It's too sweet to have it only once.

I hope in Munich and Los Angeles I can repeat. I will put all my efforts into doing it again and show everybody I'm the best in whipping.

I didn't see you very happy about the result in Speed & Style in Barcelona. What happened?
I felt bad because I think I did well. I think I pulled all the tricks and [had] smooth style but probably the judges [thought] I had to do more backflips.

So you're training more for Speed & Style for Munich?
Yes, of course, I'm training a lot. But now I always turn up the flip levers because it is easier to make the backflip on the ramp. You cannot do it [turn up the levers while racing] before jumping because it slows you down. Everybody in Barcelona used the flip levers, so this week I will train well and work on the backflip because my speed on the track was good.

In Munich you'll participate in Best Whip and Speed & Style, but why not in Step Up?
I really like Step Up [a lot], but in Barcelona I saw that you need a four-stroke to be among the top [riders]. And right now I haven't got a four-stroke, and then I'd have to train with that bike. Probably next year I will [change] to a four-stroke … but we'll see.

See you guys in Munich.

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