Interview: Lyndall Jarvis

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The happy couple, model Lyndall Jarvis and her man Jordy Smith.

"When I was young, when I surfed ... because it was hype. I surfed because it got chicks ... I surfed because you got the cool car."

Those are the words of three-time World Champ, Hawaiian hero and forever legend Andy Irons. And for him, it was true. For most surfers, he might as well be speaking another language. We all know the image of the bronzed wave-slayer who pulls a new board off his rad whip. His gorgeous lady saunters off to sun herself while he grabs the best set waves.

Now picture the guy who shows up at the beach at dawn, hoping to do two cutbacks before work. It's chilly at that hour and he's likely getting changed in his station wagon that he scored off Craigslist. He's still owes Mastercard for that last board he bought and has a bad case of surfer's ear. Chances are, there are no girls around, and at the last tropical surf destination he ventured to the guy/girl ration was 8/1.

Then there's Jordy Smith. He's number four in the world right now and dating Lyndall Jarvis.

Jarvis is a television presenter from South Africa and was the inspiration for a character in the video game "Metal Gear 4." She keeps in shape. She is also a model -- a supermodel, actually -- who happens to model lingerie. She garners a lot of attention from men. We've interviewed Jordy plenty, so we figure we'd talk to Jarvis this time.


Jordy Smith after winning the 2013 Billabong Rio Pro. That creepy mustache was her idea.

Jordy recently won the X Games Real Surf gold medal and $50,000. We hope he bought you something nice?
Does a ticket to Fiji and Bali count? Because that's what he got me -- one month in tropical paradise is definitely a nice gift to get. Oh, and a bunch of bikinis from Brazil. I'm a spoiled girl.

Tell us how Jordy won your heart.
We met at a horse race in 2011 in Cape Town. He says it was pure persistence that he wore me down! (laughs) He actually asked me out a couple times and I declined every time, until eventually he asked me to give him just one date, and one chance to change my mind. One date later, we were never apart again. He made me laugh. Every girl wants that.

We see Jordy throws a claim from time to time. Does he throw claims in everyday life -- like if he wins a tennis match or cooks an egg perfectly?
Oh yes, he definitely does! He always jokes after he does something well that he "could go pro." Doesn't matter if it's parking his car well or making a cup of coffee, he always says something like, "I'm the best coffee maker ever, babe. I could totally go pro at making coffee." I just laugh. What does that even mean?

Talk us through that final day in Rio.
I sat with one of my best friends in front of the computer, drinking wine. We were screaming and cheering like crazy people. When he stood on the podium, I wanted to cry because I knew how much he wanted it and how much it meant to him. Then he phoned me screaming with excitement. It was a good day. I just wish I had been there.

What are some favorite places you've traveled to so far?
Wow. There are so many places. I think the Maldives and Thailand were some of my favorite places that we have been. The Maldives are so beautiful. Being there doesn't even feel real. No photos will ever do it justice. And Thailand was awesome because it was our first trip away together where it was just us. We travel all year with other people, so to be able to go away together, just the two of us, is special.

What are Jordy's soft spots?
Less fortunate people are definitely a soft spot for him, especially kids. He will do anything he can to help out whether it's donating money, boards, clothes, wetsuits or doing motivational talks. He has a big heart and it's what I love most about him. He's also a big teddy bear when it comes to me. (laughs.)

Where do you stand on the mustache?
Ok, I will be honest about this. The hair and the mustache is my doing! I love it! He's got the whole Tarzan thing going on and I love it. He's my wild man. He wanted to cut his hair and shave his mustache, but I told him if he did I would shave my head. Needless to say, he hasn't touched it.

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