Kagy takes BMX Big Air

Ford Best Chad Kagy Run 2 takes BMX Big Air Gold

MUNICH -- Chad Kagy captured the gold medal in a BMX Big Air event Friday that was interrupted by a first-run crash by James Foster.

Foster appeared to have lost consciousness after a hard fall on the quarterpipe. Event organizers issued a statement saying he suffered a head injury and was taken to a hospital. He was speaking and was even seen playing air guitar in the ambulance.

X-rays and CT scan were negative, according to an X Games statement later Friday. He was released from the hospital Saturday morning and was planning to fly home to the United States.

This marks Kagy's third gold medal in BMX Big Air and his second Big Air medal of the year. He won silver at X Games Foz do Iguaçu.

Kagy landed a cliffhanger backflip over the gap portion of the MegaRamp followed by a flair tailwhip at 14 feet on the quarterpipe portion of the ramp to earn a score of 87.00 in Round 2. He attempted to up his score in Round 4 with a flair double tailwhip on the quarterpipe but fell upon landing.

Joshua Duplechian/ESPN

In Munich, Chad Kagy earned his third X Games gold medal in BMX Big Air.

"It feels awesome," Kagy said. "I'm just glad I'm able to walk away from that last run."

He said all the planning in the world sometimes goes out the window in competition and that it was one of his safer game plans that resulted in the winning run.

Earning the silver medal at X Games Munich was Tyler, Texas, native Morgan Wade, who unleashed a stretched cannonball (double seat grab superman) over the gap to a double tailwhip at 19 feet, 4 inches on the quarterpipe.

Zack Warden picked up the bronze with an 85.00 on his first run. Warden had won BMX Big Air gold medals at X Games Foz and X Games Barcelona earlier this year.

Foster's condition was on Kagy's mind after his victory.

"James Foster, hope you're all right," he said.

Kagy said the crowd was a big inspiration at the Munich venue.

"Thank you, everyone. You guys rule!" he shouted.

The crowd and competitors endured an hour delay while medical personnel were put back in place following Foster's crash. As a result, the remaining competitors were forced to wait atop the MegaRamp.

"We didn't know [Foster] was conscious on top of the ramp until he raised his arm. It was a good 15 minutes of us just wondering what was wrong. It definitely gave us all the jitters," Warden said once the competition resumed.

The remainder of the competition was not without BMX Big Air progression though. Colton Satterfield was able to stick a windshield wiper tailwhip backflip over the gap portion of the ramp. The trick encompassed a tailwhip kicked one direction and then reversed in the course of a backflip. Meanwhile, Vince Byron landed a no-handed 540 at 16 feet on the quarterpipe portion of the MegaRamp.

BMX Big Air makes its final appearance for the year at X Games Los Angeles in August.

Moto X Slope and Style

Producing another dominate performance, Mike Mason easily fended off a rally by Javier Villegas Friday night to secure his second consecutive Moto X Speed and Style gold medal.

"The start means everything," Mason, 31, said. "I knew the tricks I was going to do and the lines I was going to take, and I knew as long as I got the starts, I'd be OK."

Mason's performance -- which included a heel-clicker flip and fully executed underflip -- gives him his third X Games gold. He won last month in Barcelona and is expected to go for the three-peat in Los Angeles in August.

Villegas' silver is his best finish in the discipline and his first medal since claiming the bronze last summer at X Games Los Angeles.

Moto X Step Up

Czech rider Libor Podmol bested Matt Buyten and Ronnie Renner to collect his first X Games gold on Friday after clearing 29 feet (8.8 meters) in Moto X Step Up.

"To get gold is my dream," Podmol said. "To get on X Games was my dream since I was a little kid."

Podmol, best known as a competitor on the Red Bull X-Fighters and FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship tours, is in his rookie year at X Games. He previously won bronze at X Games Foz do Iguaçu in May and is the first non-American rider ever to win the Moto X Step Up event.

Podmol nearly crashed several times during the five-man final, but managed to hang on each time, bucking around on his bike like it was a rodeo bronco, and later said that the will to hang on comes from sheer love of the sport.

"It's just a passion for riding dirt bikes," he said. "I love it, and that's it. All the guys riding dirt bikes, we all do it because we love. The moto life is a good life."

Renner still holds the Moto X Step Up record, which he set at 47 feet at X Games Los Angeles 2012. Podmol says he now has his sites set on that mark as his next goal.

"I was thinking maybe I could go a little bit higher, so maybe next time," Podmol said.

In other action Friday, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg earned the most fan votes to win Moto X Whip. He garnered 65 percent of the vote to beat Edgar Torronteras (14 percent) and Lance Coury (12 percent).

Also, Guy Mariano took home gold in the judged portion of the X Games Real Street skateboarding video contest.

Information from XGames.com's Brian Tunney, Colin Bane and Keith Hamm was used in this report.

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