"LIVIN" by Will Film For Food


Here in the insular world of the X Games, where all attention is currently hyper-focused on Real Snow Backcountry, it is sometimes easy to forget that the outside snowboarding world is chugging along, happily involved in the process of packaging together different riders' parts into one cohesive package known as "the snowboard movie."

Snowboard movies are beautiful things. And though the debate raging in comments sections across digital Shredlandia over whether the increasing trend of riders putting individual edits online will eventually kill these beautiful things, today let us focus on harmony, and open our minds to the possibility of peaceful co-existence.

Because, along with the online video part, the Internet has also brought us innovative ways to fund cool, soulful movie projects that allow creative groups of people to not have to rely on corporate sponsors to get their dreams fulfilled. So what is the end of the world to some, could be the beginning of it to others.

But maybe that's a pro/con discussion best had another time.

The point is, one of the people responsible for "GIVIN" and "TOO" is back with another movie, called "LIVIN." The teaser just released, and it's worth wedging in here, in the middle of all of the Real Snow madness, because it's a great example of why 90-second video parts could never truly kill long-form snowboard edits.

It's a beautiful thing. (Though, fair warning: If you don't skip about three minutes in before you press play, you might not agree.) It's the kind of arty, Pacific Northwest-inspired lo-fi edit that just makes you wish you could go snowboarding. (No? You are arguing because you watched the beginning, didn't you? Listen, the last bit is great. Seriously.) And look at it here, co-existing online with the glamor and glitz. We all really can get along!

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