Stept releases trailer for "Mutiny"

Without a doubt, Charlie Owens has got to be the best skier from Boone, N.C. Owens, 20, who lives, works and films out of Boulder, Colo., is a member of the Stept Productions crew, which just released the trailer for their new film, "Mutiny." Owens sat down with us to discuss the new film and skiing in North Carolina. How's the film coming along?
Charlie Owens: Everyone's just hacking away at footage, cutting it down and getting it how we want it.

What segments are you working on?
I worked on some cuts of the trailer. The last few weeks I haven't worked on many segments. It's coming down to the wire and really it's only Nick [Martini] and Cam [Riley] that are doing the final touches.

What makes this film different than past Stept releases?
It's tough to say. All the skiing we did this year definitely one-upped what we did last year. We definitely put a lot more work into production and everything going on behind the lens this season. We've never created anything like it and it's starting to turn out pretty strange. I think everyone is going to be really surprised with the way it turns out.

What's in the name "Mutiny?"
There's not really a story behind it. Our whole crew only filmed with Stept this last season. No one else filmed a shot with any other production company. We're all doing our own thing. Everyone is dedicating all their time into these segments and this one movie. I guess you could say it was a mutiny, leaving all other production companies.

Every year, you guys are doing the biggest urban stuff in skiing. How far can that go? How far can you keep being the dudes that are hitting the biggest features?
I think there's definitely a limit that can't be passed. We'll run into that problem in the next few years. Skiing is changing by the minute. Styles are changing. Everything is getting innovative and there's always going to be something new to do. It's not all about jumping off the biggest building anymore. It's more about what you do personally as a skier and the features you find.

Who is going to be a standout in this film?
I wouldn't say that there's going to be one standout person. I think Shea [Flynn], Clayton [Vila], and Cam, they all worked really hard this season. They put together some of the sickest urban segments I've seen to date. Those kids were just going nuts this season.

Where did you grow up skiing in North Carolina?
I grew up skiing at this little mountain called Appalachian. It has a vertical of 200 feet with three chairlifts and all manmade snow. It's a pretty interesting learning to ski there. It's one of a kind, full of rednecks and hillbillies skiing around. It's a whole different scene there. No one at the mountain knows how to ski. Most people are from down the mountain in Asheville or Hickory. A lot of people come up from Florida. It's nothing like skiing at a resort like Breckenridge, I can tell you that.

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