Behind Real Snow with Mikey Rencz

Go behind the scenes of the making of Mikey Rencz' 2013 X Games Real Snow Backcountry contest video part.

Since his genius was first exposed while he was still a pre-teen, the snowboard world has kept a keen eye on Canadian ripper Mikey Rencz. The youngest Real Snow competitor, at 27, Rencz has been on a tear for years, blending style and craziness to create a distinctive flow in the world of backcountry riding.

Like so many before him, the unlimited terrain offered in the British Columbia backcountry has made Rencz realize he doesn't have to travel far to find great snowboarding. In fact, most of his Real Snow part was filmed right in his back yard. Burton teammate Jussi Oksanen, who filmed with Rencz most of the season, had this prodigal talent tell us more about it.
-- Nate Deschenes

Oksanen: Where did you get your motivation this year? You were on fire!
I was just trying to keep the flow that we ended on the previous year. I didn't have a certain goal or anything; I just wanted to hit some cool jumps and have a fun year.

Did you really forget that you were on my sled when you hit that 70-foot jump with it?
We were in northern B.C. and my sled engine blew, so I was sled-less and you were nice enough to rent me yours for the day 'cause your knee was hurt. We finished hitting this jump and then I just thought it would be a great idea to try and hit it on "my" sled.

I didn't even think about it not being my sled until the first time I watched it ride down the landing without me on it. But I had to keep hitting it until I got it. Thanks for the rental, Jussi!

How many times do you think you unloaded your sled from your truck this season?
That's tough to say, but it would have to be somewhere around 70.

How many tattoos have you already gotten this year?
Not as many as I would've liked! Maybe only four or five.

When are you going to ditch the sled and start splitboarding?
[Laughs heartily] Well, the thing is that I love snowmobiling, so I will always do that. But I would actually like to try some splitboarding in the future. There is so much more terrain to access.

You must be stoked that you basically never need to leave your home in the winter?
Yeah, that's why Whistler is my home base. It's my favorite place to ride. It's the area I know the best and it's nice to have everything set up here. I do still enjoy going on trips and checking out other areas, though.

Exploration is key in having a good winter and we have a lot of mountains up here to explore. Trying to find new zones and places to shred is half of the fun.

Are you stoked on your footage this year?
Yeah, I am stoked on my footage, but it can always be better. That's how I feel every season though! It's just such a short time period to try and get everything I would actually want to film.

If you had to pick one place to eat for the rest of your life, would it be Tim Hortons or Panda Express?
Oh, man, Panda Express is the best! But we don't have it in Canada, so that sucks. But honestly, if I had to choose I would say Tim Hortons because otherwise I would weigh 300 pounds.

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