Behind Real Snow with Mark Landvik

Go behind the scenes of the making of Mark Landvik's X Games 2013 Real Snow Backcountry contest video part

There is only one Mark "Lando" Landvik. The Juneau, Alaska, native has terrorized the pro scene for more than a decade now. Besides having a stack of Standard Films movie parts, Lando is perhaps best known as Travis Rice's main partner in crime in "That's It, That's All" and "The Art of Flight." Though he was sidelined for a minute due to a knee injury sustained during the filming of his last movie, he's back now, better than ever.

Aggressive on the snow and off, the only thing more entertaining than watching him snowboard is Lando's on-camera, off-snow persona -- especially when he sports one of his many wigs and turns hillbilly on film.

Landvik spent most of his season filming for a new Volcom movie before ending up in Jackson, Wyo., for a season ender-bender with Mark Carter and crew. Enjoy, as one Mark gives it to the other in the most real Real Snow interview yet. --Nate Deschenes

Mark Carter: What was your program last winter?
Mark Landvik:
Filming for Volcom with Curtis Ciszek and Jake Price. I had a couple of random trips in the mix, too.

Where was your best trip?
Hands down Jackson late April with my Volcom crew. We hitched up with you and Bryan Iguchi, which made the trip. The snow was epic, resetting every other day with snow and sun… couldn't get much better.

How many wigs do you own?
About five or six good ones. They make the down days pretty interesting.

Where did your nickname "Brando" come from and what exactly does it mean?
Brando came from the Carter ranch! About five years ago Travis Rice and I made good on your invitation to come out to the ranch and help your family brand 500 cattle.

Both Travis and I stopped and picked up some really sassy cowboy outfits on the way, but all the real cowboys had on t-shirts, jeans and baseball caps -- so we fit right in. I guess you really liked the way I was handling those cattle 'cause ever since then you and Rice call me Brando!

What's the best backcountry food and why?
Smoked salmon can't be beat! Your jerky is amazing, but smoked salmon is always a good, healthy, quick way to get some energy. Dada dada SUPERFOOD!

Do you have a most memorable moment of the season?
Being in Baldface with owner Jeff Pensiero and a slurry of other legends/friends to pay tribute to Craig Kelly 10 years after his accident. It was a special thing to be a part of.

What happened to Hank?
My alter ego, "Hank," has taken a siesta and who knows when he will be back. He was interfering with my ability to snowboard -- especially trying to bounce back from my knee blowout a couple years ago. I couldn't get back to where I wanted to be unless I put down the booze. So ... so long, Hank! It was a real pleasure.

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